January News

Medway Valley Heritage Forest Environmentally Significant Area

The Conservation Master Plan Phase 1 final report will be presented to an advisory committee to City Council on January 15th at about 5 pm at City Hall, 2nd floor.  The consultants will present their findings.  Later in January or February, the city staff will provide an information report to City Council’s Planning and Environment Committee (our Councillor, Phil Squire is a member of that Committee).  Further information about public meetings and the Local Advisory Committee will be forthcoming. 

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December News

Many items in the news —


A Community meeting will be held in late January to update you on the Sherwood Forest School Site and the Medway Valley Environmentally Significant Area Conservation Master Plan. Look for an e-mail and flyer in your mailbox early in January


The Executive and School Site Committee have continued working to see if there is a way to retain at least some park land at the Sherwood Forest School site. The deadline for the public bodies, including the City and the other school boards, to make an offer to the Thames Valley District School Board is December 22. If no offers are received, the TVDSB then has a process to solicit sealed bids for the site. This will occur early in the new year. Any new purchaser at that point would have to apply to the City for a rezoning to the property. However, there would be no requirement for them to retain any green space. There would be a public process for any change in land use. Stay tuned.

ADOPT an ESA (Environmentally Significant Area)

The city has asked for community groups like ours to sponsor an ESA. Naturally for us this would mean the Medway Valley Heritage Forest. The projects suggested would include buckthorn busting, litter clear up (thankfully not a big problem in our area), tree planting (which we have done successfully). The action item is if there is someone in the area who is willing to lead, particularly in ensuring we meet the requirements of the program. Have a look at the program guide.

After you have had a chance to look it over, please let Sandy know if you are interested in taking on the lead in organizing events and reporting back to the city or in helping to form a working group to take this on. The plan is to discuss this program at the upcoming January meeting.


“Orchard Park Through the Ages” was a publication prepared by Orchard Park Public School as a 25th anniversary project about 25 years ago. Dyanne Wheatley is looking for a copy. If you can help her, write her at (dywheatley1787@rogers.com)

RENTAL LICENSING – an easy way to look up if a house is licensed to have renters

Recently a rental look up became available through the City’s website. It actually includes more than rental information. Click here for the site, but if it does not work just go to the City’s website and key in rental units, then click on PROPERTY INQUIRY SYSTEM and go from there.


WHEN: Wednesday, December 11th from 2 to 3 p.m.
WHERE: Sherwood Library
WHAT: “Christmas Social and Celebration of Holiday Traditions”

Please join us to share. We plan to share some readings, holiday trivia, music and good cheer.

This event is free with no registration required. Bring a friend! For more information, call 519-473-9965.


The Planning Act, through changes made by Bill 140 Strong Communities through Affordable Housing Act, 2011, requires municipalities to update their Official Plan policies and regulations related to secondary dwelling units.

The City of London Official Plan currently provides for secondary dwelling units within single and semi-detached dwellings subject to conditions. Now with changes made by Strong Communities through Affordable Housing Act, 2011, the Official Plan must include polices for secondary dwelling units as-of-right within townhouse and accessory structures in addition to single and semi-detached dwellings.

City Staff proposed our area as one of the Great Near Campus Neighbourhoods, be excluded as it is contrary to the effort to halt the proliferation of rental properties. This is because there is no easy way to police if a granny suite is for a family member or just a rental unit. However, Council referred this matter back to staff for further consultation. Sandy has been in touch with the city’s planning staff to arrange a meeting for the Executive prior to staff reporting back to City Council.

You can find the staff report as item #14 at this link:


In the recently tabled City 10-year capital plan, city staff are now estimating budget approval for this project in 2020.

January News


A small group of residents continues to meet to discuss the various options for the site as shared with the community at the neighbourhood meeting in November. If you would like to participate, please contact Sandy. The May Annual General Meeting is the target date for a full update to the community.


The school board`s senior administration has recommended to the Board that the school boundaries, effective September 2013, expand to incorporate the current Sherwood Forest P.S. attendance area. No additional new areas were proposed in the staff recommendation. There will be a debate on the question at the Board`s meeting on February 7 starting around 7:15 pm. The meeting agenda is posted the day before the meeting at: http://www.tvdsb.ca/board.cfm?subpage=113288 which will give you a better idea of when in the meeting the boundary review will be discussed.

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March Newsletter

The March newsletter is now available. Click here for the newsletter. Highlights include:

Update on the future of schools in Orchard Park / Sherwood Forest.
It is apparent that the administration will NOT support retaining the property and building if a school is closed. It is important to let our trustees know your thoughts on protecting the school sites. They can be reached at:

Peter Jaffe
519-452-2000 ext. 22406
Fax: 519-452-2269
e-mail p.jaffe@tvdsb.on.ca

Peggy Sattler
519-452-2000 ext. 22410
Fax: 519-452-2978
e-mail p.sattler@tvdsb.on.ca

ARC timeline

  • by April 01 the Final ARC Report to Director will be Posted (within 15 days of March 9th )
  • April 12 ARC Report presented to Board at its regular meeting by ARC Chair (Trustee Bennett)
  • April 26 Administrative Response to ARC Report presented to Board at its regular meeting
  • June 14 Public input to Board at its regular meeting
  • June 28 Decision by Board at its regular meeting (no public input permitted)

You are encouraged to attend the June 14th Board meeting and to have your say. Your ratepayers executive will also try to meet with Trustee Bennett and our trustees to gain their support for the ARC recommendation when it comes to a vote on June 28th.

The draft report can be found at http://www.tvdsb.ca/files/filesystem/SHERWOOD_DraftReport_2011January27.pdf
The final report will be substantively the same.

UWO planning a new residence on the Althouse College parking lot
Western is planning on building a new 1000-bed residence where the parking lot between Althouse College and Sarnia Road is currently located. The University is prepared to hold a meeting to introduce the community to the proposal. This will take place around April 10th.

Update from March 5 Neighborhood Social

Thanks to everyone who came out, and a special thanks to those of you who paid your dues that day.

Update on Medway Valley bridge

The bridge over the Medway project has been put off until 2013 at the earliest. Instead, the city will update the Master Plan for the Valley starting this year and concluding the studies in 2012. There will be community involvement so stay tuned for more information.

Community Tree Planting – May 7
The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority is planning a community tree planting day for May 7th. Additional information will be forthcoming.

Update on Sarnia Road widening
The proposed widening of Sarnia Road from Wonderland to Sleightholme has been moved from 2012 to 2019 in the city’s budget. Projects such as these are not approved until they are included in the current year’s budget debate, so 2019 is only a tentative date that can be moved forward or backwards. More information will be known when the city tables its 2012 budget for public review this fall.

Update on Sarnia Road Widening

A neighborhood meeting to review the proposed changes to the Sarnia Road/Leyton Crescent intersection will be held:

Date: Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: St. Ausgar Lutheran Church, 600 Lawson Rd

The meeting will be focused on proposed changes to the Leyton Crescent as well as Castlegrove boulevard (west leg) intersection.

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