New UWO Residence

The University has awarded a contract for the construction of the new residence adjacent to Althouse. A crane will be set up on site early in the new year. There is additional information at

A site plan is shown with an access out to Sarnia Road. The City has said that such access would only be through the existing driveway to the red brick buildings if there is agreement with the adjacent property owner, London Property Corp.

Questions about the project can be addressed to Susan Grindrod, 519-661-3549 or


March Newsletter

The March newsletter is now available. Click here for the newsletter. Highlights include:

Update on the future of schools in Orchard Park / Sherwood Forest.
It is apparent that the administration will NOT support retaining the property and building if a school is closed. It is important to let our trustees know your thoughts on protecting the school sites. They can be reached at:

Peter Jaffe
519-452-2000 ext. 22406
Fax: 519-452-2269

Peggy Sattler
519-452-2000 ext. 22410
Fax: 519-452-2978

ARC timeline

  • by April 01 the Final ARC Report to Director will be Posted (within 15 days of March 9th )
  • April 12 ARC Report presented to Board at its regular meeting by ARC Chair (Trustee Bennett)
  • April 26 Administrative Response to ARC Report presented to Board at its regular meeting
  • June 14 Public input to Board at its regular meeting
  • June 28 Decision by Board at its regular meeting (no public input permitted)

You are encouraged to attend the June 14th Board meeting and to have your say. Your ratepayers executive will also try to meet with Trustee Bennett and our trustees to gain their support for the ARC recommendation when it comes to a vote on June 28th.

The draft report can be found at
The final report will be substantively the same.

UWO planning a new residence on the Althouse College parking lot
Western is planning on building a new 1000-bed residence where the parking lot between Althouse College and Sarnia Road is currently located. The University is prepared to hold a meeting to introduce the community to the proposal. This will take place around April 10th.

Update from March 5 Neighborhood Social

Thanks to everyone who came out, and a special thanks to those of you who paid your dues that day.

Update on Medway Valley bridge

The bridge over the Medway project has been put off until 2013 at the earliest. Instead, the city will update the Master Plan for the Valley starting this year and concluding the studies in 2012. There will be community involvement so stay tuned for more information.

Community Tree Planting – May 7
The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority is planning a community tree planting day for May 7th. Additional information will be forthcoming.

Update on Sarnia Road widening
The proposed widening of Sarnia Road from Wonderland to Sleightholme has been moved from 2012 to 2019 in the city’s budget. Projects such as these are not approved until they are included in the current year’s budget debate, so 2019 is only a tentative date that can be moved forward or backwards. More information will be known when the city tables its 2012 budget for public review this fall.