Update on LTC Proposed Change and Date for Meeting on the Development


We have some additional information about the LTC proposal to modify bus service in the neighborhood, including materials from the open house held in November, and ridership data for the current Monday to Saturday until 6 pm service (#31).

It is important to note that the LTC is actively soliciting your comments on the proposed change. They have not yet determined whether or how service will change. It is possible the current service could remain the same, could be removed entirely, could be replaced with the proposal shown in the attachment (7 days a week until midnight), or could be modified in some other way. Consider commenting by Friday to the LTC as to the service (or absence of service) you would like to see. The e-mail for commenting is: ltcserviceplan@gmail.com

Also of note is that the proposed #9A route goes to downtown, not to campus.

We also have some information on the impact on winter maintenance if there was no bus service. Here is question asked and the answer from the City’s Division Manager in charge of winter maintenance.

Subject: question about snow level of service from Sandy Levin

Hi John, hope all is well. LTC is looking at service changes in my area of the city. If the secondary collector (Lawson Road east of Wonderland to Wychwood Park south to Sarnia) were no longer to have bus service, would that change the level of service for snow removal ? Let me know this week if you can.

Sandy Levin

If the Bus moves off the route it would no longer require priority services like salting. Adjustments would be made for next season.

John Parsons
Division Manager
Road Operations and Forestry

Date for Public Meeting on the Sherwood Forest School Site Development

The site plan for the new development is scheduled for a public participation meeting on January 7th at City Hall, at a time starting no earlier than 5 pm. Anyone can attend and speak. If you would like comments to appear on the public agenda, address them to the Chair and Members of the Planning and Environment Committee. Send comments to the Planning and Environment Committee secretary at Hlysynsk@london.ca and reference, Site Plan for 7 Annadale. The staff report should be available right after New Year’s and can be viewed at: http://www.london.ca/city-hall/meetings/Pages/default.aspx


Bus Rapid Transit Open Houses

The City will be holding a number of Open Houses between February 28 and March 3 on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). These events are opportunities to see detailed maps and renderings of the Project Team’s recommended preliminary designs for the BRT network. The recommendations will be brought forward to Council in Spring 2018. The Open Houses will begin with a drop-in followed by a presentation and question period.

For more information see:

April News

Bus Rapid Transit

This has been in the news a lot lately. Councillor Squire is co-hosting an information session at the downtown library on April 12. It is expected to be well attended so sign up in advance if you wish to attend.
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February News

Park Site

At noon on February 21, City Council’s Corporate Services Committee will review the staff report on the Sherwood Forest School site. As you will note, no successful replies were received to the City’s RFP process for the sale of part of the site for housing. City staff are recommending a tender instead.

Medway Valley Heritage Forest

friends_of_medway_creekHere is a newsletter from Friends of Medway Creek. Continue reading “February News”

London Transit Route Structure Review

A reminder that LTC is holding an open house at Goodwill on Horton Street on April 8th from 2 to 4 and from 6 to 8, to give you a chance to review the first draft of its proposed transit route changes for the next five years.

Proposed changes to the 31 Orchard Park bus changes are:

  • In 2015 it is proposed that Sunday service between 9 am and 7 pm running every 60 minutes be implemented on the route.

Other proposed changes for the route include:


  • Increase the weekday evening frequency (6 pm to 11 pm) from 60 minutes to 30 minutes
  • Introduce weekday service from 11 pm to midnight on a 60 minute frequency
  • Increase the Saturday frequency from 60 minutes to 30 minutes from 6 pm to 9 pm

At this point, the plan is for service to remain on Sarnia Road after 6 pm.
All of the recommendations are draft and are subject to change based upon feedback from the public.

If you can’t make the open house on April 8, you can provide comments directly to LTC’s manager of Planning Services, Katie Burns at 519-451-1340 ext 320 or by e-mail at kburns@londontransit.ca