Community Update

Neighbourhood Decision Making

The Ninja Warrior Course was the winner in our part of the city (the Northwest). City staff have said that they are still consulting about the location but it will be in a park and there will be a community consultation process.

Medway Valley Environmentally Significant Area

The City staff will send out an update in January if there are any significant changes to the October 2017 Master Plan available on the City website.

City staff hope to bring the Plan with a report to the Planning and Environment Committee of Council for a public participation meeting (where anyone can attend and speak to the elected officials) in February. Once confirmed we will let you know the date and time for the meeting and when the report will be available for review.

Sherwood Forest School Site

You may have seen the following notice in the Londoner. The assessment was done earlier this year and did not turn up anything of significance. This is a routine matter that the City agreed to do before any sale of the part of the property for housing could take place.

7 Annadale Drive – City Council intends to consider removing the “h-18” holding provision from the subject lands. The purpose of the “h-18” provision is to ensure that land are assessed for the presence of archaeological resources prior to development. The archaeological assessment has been completed. Council will consider removing the holding provision as it applies to these lands no earlier than January 16, 2018. File: H-8855 Planner: M. Knieriem


November update

Medway Valley Conservation Master Plan

The near-final draft of the Conservation Master Plan for the Medway Valley Heritage Forest ESA (South) can be found at
Highlights include:
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Medway ESA and other news

Medway ESA Master Plan (for the southern portion)

A new draft of the Medway ESA Master Plan is available for review. You will find the report at the City’s web site at:
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Late October News

Message from Western

This next week Western staff will will be maintaining sections of the Fram / Springett land – basically mowing and trimming. For more information, contact Brandon Watson at Western. His contact information is or by phone at 661-2111 x 88736

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End of August News

Hope you had a good summer

New Residents and Any Rentals?

Just a reminder that we have introduced a welcome package for new residents. If you know of anyone who has just moved into the neighbourhood, please let Beth Gibson ( know.
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