November News

Road work

Work on Sarnia and on Wonderland is wrapping up according to the City by next week. Work on Western/Wharncliffe is starting up. A contractor will be working on Wharncliffe Rd N. at the tracks (North of Oxford St.) closing one lane on and off flagging tomorrow Weds, Nov 16th for the day with work being done for London Hydro. The contractor will also be restricting the lanes to one lane in each direction starting next week.

Works ($6 M worth) are planned for 2018 for Sarnia and Western. What form this will take has yet to be determined. There will be a public meeting in the area in early 2017 where the city will reveal its preferred option for the intersection.

LTC changes

At the Municipal Council meeting on September 13, 2016 it was resolved that all bus service would be removed from Dundas Street between Wellington and Ridout in September 2017 to advance the “My Dundas” flex street project. This change requires the re-routing of 9 routes which currently use Dundas Street. The affected routes include 2, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 19, 20 and 23.

Generally all eastbound buses will operate along King Street and all westbound buses will operate along Queens Ave. The exact alignment for each route is currently under review. You can go to the LTC web site and fill out a survey with your choice of two options for the re-routing.

There are also public open houses on service changes for 2017 on other routes. No changes seem to be planned for our area at this time.


Members of your Executive had a very positive meeting with the new Principal of Brescia, Dr. Susan Mumm. She agreed to send us a copy of the current Master Plan to share with the community. The community is also invited to eat at the Mercato on campus. A trained chef leads the food preparation and Brescia is very proud of its food service – best on campus.

Medway Decides

If you want to provide feedback on the Medway Decides project, click here to fill out the survey.

City staff have provided an update on the benches and signage project that was awarded funding.

The north end of the trail is paved and so they are planning to put the benches and signage in the north end only. I asked if we would ever put benches and/or signs on a natural surfaced hiking trail and the answer was not likely as it would require concrete and the natural trails are not meant to have these additions, the trail is meant to stay “natural”. It is an AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) requirement to have benches on concrete pads with a paved path to them.

Medway Valley updates

Here is the latest update from the University on the renaturalization of the Fram lands:

The treatment and removal process is complete. Moving forward the area will be planted with native grasses and be maintained (essentially mowed) a few times a year by Facilities Management staff. There will be reviews of the naturalized areas and thinning as needed, but that will be on a less frequent schedule – more like every other year.

The City advises that the Conservation Master Plan process will start up again in early 2017. Stay tuned for updates. If you want information on why the Valley is environmentally significant, go to

Large canine reported in the Valley

There has been a large canine in the Valley:

We were hiking in the woods (mid-day) with our dog and headed up toward the deeper clearing (field), at the far side, behind the monastery. We made our through a narrow path in the field where there was notable compressions in the grass from where deer had been lying in great numbers. As we approached halfway through the field toward the monastery, we looked to our left and about 4 meters from us was very large canine animal. It stopped in its tracks and we locked eyes with the animal. I clapped my hands as loudly as I could and it retreated back about 20meters. We were both very startled and watched the animal to ensure it didn’t follow us. It watched us very closely from that distance until we lost sight of it. This animal was not a coyote; it was well over 100-150lbs, bigger than Rottweiler or Sheppard I have seen, and had a wide skull. Upon researching the internet I came across at least 3 other wolf sightings in the North West area in recent time. It is our belief, after looking at pictures online as well, that the animal we observed was in fact a wolf or perhaps a very large coywolf. We think it’s important that we share this information with the community as the trail is often very busy and people frequent it with young children and dogs. Please feel free to send this out.

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Medway Decides and Adopt an ESA

medway_decides_posterMedway Decides

On Saturday, October 29th from 10 am to 3:30 pm, there will be voting for the projects submitted for the City’s “Medway Decides” pilot project.

A number of ideas from our area have been submitted. City staff are working on the feasibility of ideas and will decide which will be up for a vote.

Adopt an ESA – Medway Valley Heritage Forest ESA

The City of London’s Adopt an ESA program is hosting an educational, ecological restoration workshop for Adopt an ESA volunteers.

If you wish to attend please RSVP via email at

Please also cc Sandy Levin so that he can put you down as interested in volunteering. In the spring, we will set out to pull garlic mustard, an invasive non-native species in our part of the Medway.

Ruth Walton and Patti Prieur did a great job initiating adoption of our part of the ESA. It is now time for others to step forward and take the torch from them. We need people to do two events in 2017 such as pulling garlic mustard. If you are interested, and can’t make the upcoming event, let Sandy know.
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Secondary Dwelling Units

This week, the Planning and Environment Committee of City Council voted 4-1 to allow one bedroom Secondary Dwelling Units (SDUs) in all parts of the City including the neighbourhoods near campus. Council Squire moved a motion to exclude the Near Campus Neighbourhoods, but his motion was defeated. Secondary Dwelling Units will be allowed in owner occupied houses and street townhouses. The maximum number of bedrooms remains at 5 and 3 respectively. If rented, SDUs will be required to get a license under the rental licensing by law. Units that were constructed previously without permission still need to get licensed. The Committee will get a report back in a year as to the implementation of this change. The final decision is made at Council on August 30th.

Neighbourhood News for early August

Lots of items ….

Western’s Renaturalization Project

Western has been working on a naturalization project on the grounds of the University – mostly on the west side of the campus.

The naturalization project continues across campus, clearing invasive species and trees in decline. The crew has returned to a select area within the “Fram Lands” next to Brescia to complete the naturalization efforts.
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