Secondary Dwelling Units

This week, the Planning and Environment Committee of City Council voted 4-1 to allow one bedroom Secondary Dwelling Units (SDUs) in all parts of the City including the neighbourhoods near campus. Council Squire moved a motion to exclude the Near Campus Neighbourhoods, but his motion was defeated. Secondary Dwelling Units will be allowed in owner occupied houses and street townhouses. The maximum number of bedrooms remains at 5 and 3 respectively. If rented, SDUs will be required to get a license under the rental licensing by law. Units that were constructed previously without permission still need to get licensed. The Committee will get a report back in a year as to the implementation of this change. The final decision is made at Council on August 30th.

Neighbourhood News for early August

Lots of items ….

Western’s Renaturalization Project

Western has been working on a naturalization project on the grounds of the University – mostly on the west side of the campus.

The naturalization project continues across campus, clearing invasive species and trees in decline. The crew has returned to a select area within the “Fram Lands” next to Brescia to complete the naturalization efforts.

They are continuing the basal bark application to buckthorn (a very invasive, non-native plant) along a strip west of the previous work site. Notices should have been posted of this. The herbicide is only applied on the bark of the trunk. This phase of the process will be little more than a day to complete.

In a few weeks, the crew will return to remove the debris, uprooting the remains of the buckthorn. During this phase of the process, heavy machines will be on site and some of the pathways through the property will likely be subject to a temporary closure. As a safety precaution, the affected area will be made inaccessible and taped off.

From the City – Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy

The City is developing a new London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy for 2017-2020. Based on Council direction, the focus for this strategy is to “support neighbourhood-driven activities and decision making.” To do this, the City wants to connect with 100 residents in every neighbourhood in the city (this is actually by City Planning Districts – we are in the Medway Planning District), with this short survey.

UWO Student Code of Conduct

Western is conducting a review of the University’s Code of Conduct under an ad hoc committee set up by the Board of Governors. The committee is inviting written and oral submissions from individuals (and the Ratepayer’s) from within and outside the University community regarding the content of the Code and/or its implementation. The Code can be viewed at

Please address written submissions to Dean Iain Scott, c/o University Secretariat, Room 4101 Stevenson Hall, Western University, N6A 5B8, or send them by email to The deadline for receipt of written submissions is Friday, October 7, 2016. Individuals wishing to meet with the Committee should indicate this in their written submissions.

Be Alert

A bicycle was stolen from a driveway on Lawson Road during an early evening last week. Remember to lock doors and be sure unattended items stay out of sight or are secured.

Secondary Dwelling Units

On August 22, there will be a public participation meeting in the evening in front of City Council’s Planning Committee (our Councillor, Phil Squire chairs this committee). There will be a staff report recommending (at the urging of the majority of City Council members), that secondary units be allowed in our area and other areas near the University and Fanshawe. The limitation is that they will only be in owner occupied housing, where there are 4 or less bedrooms, and only one bedroom will be permitted in the secondary unit. The staff report will be available on August 17th. However, anyone can speak to the Planning Committee at this meeting.

LTC Service Changes

There are some service changes at LTC this fall. A quick glance shows that there is no change to the Orchard Park service. Go to or dial 519-451-1347 and speak to a customer service representative for more information. Paper schedules and maps will be available at London Transit locations mid-August.

Western and Sarnia Intersection

The city is still looking at the fall before holding the next public information session regarding changes to this intersection. At this meeting, the City will be presenting its preferred option for improved traffic movements. We have asked that notices be sent to all residences between Sleightholme and Bresica. The notice will also be posted on this website.

Medway Moments
Monday, September 26th, 7:00 PM
Wolf Performance Hall, London Central Library, 251 Dundas Street, London

Travel along Medway Creek with filmmaker Phil McLeod in his latest film Medway Moments. Phil takes us through the seasons along Medway Creek and introduces us to the people that are restoring the creek’s health. Proceeds will go to the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority and used for future restoration projects along Medway Creek. Tickets are available at

Also of Interest (Scroll down to “Sinks are not Garbage Cans,” “Storm Sewers” and “Toilets are not Garbage Cans.” Given the storm water in our neighbourhood goes right into the Medway, please take the time to have a look.

Sarnia and Wonderland work, new trees and a fall event‏

Sarnia and Wonderland Closed Overnight June 26 – July 1

In case you haven’t seen the signs further north and south, the intersection of Sarnia and Wonderland will be closed from roughly 8 pm to 6 am from June 26 to July 1.

New Trees

You may have seen that the city has planted some new street trees in the neighbourhood. With dry weather, they may not get all the water they need to get established. When you are out watering, save a bucket or two for the trees (both new and established).
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Western’s Renaturalization Project

Western is conducting a naturalization project on the Precious Blood Meadow and the lands bordering Springett Lot. They are targeting buckthorn (an invasive, non-native tree) which spreads aggressively, and other woody invasive plants, cutting and removing dead trees including the trees on the line between Brescia and the back of Huron, then doing restoration with native plants. They intend to maintain the new meadow so that the buckthorn doesn’t return.

Apparently, there was a delay in getting the notification pamphlets out to nearby homes. Western staff apologized for the late news. The herbicide being used is called Garlon and it is dabbed on the trunks of buckthorn.

Neighborhood News – the May 2-4 Edition


Hopefully you have received a flyer or seen the signs around the area notifying you about the BBQ starting at 6 pm on Thursday, May 26th at Orchard Park Public School. Continue reading

2016 BBQ and Community Meeting

All residents of Orchard Park and Sherwood Forest are invited to the 2016 BBQ and Annual General Meeting.
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May News

Ratepayer AGM and Community BBQ

Our AGM and second annual community BBQ will be held on Thursday, May 26 starting at 6 pm at Orchard Park Public School. We had a great turnout last year and great weather. This year’s event is supported by a SPARKS! grant from the City of London. Flyers will be distributed shortly door to door, posted on the community mailboxes in the area, and information will be posted on the web site.
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