January Update

Tree Trimming

The city’s contractor is trimming trees in our area as part of its planned maintenance. It was last done about 10 years ago. Low limbs are removed for proper height over roads and sidewalks including some private trees as per the City’s Boulevard Tree Protection bylaw P-69. Trees will have interior structural pruning to improve health and remove deadwood as well.

Vehicle Break-Ins

Break ins of vehicles were reported on Rollingwood Circle, close to the pathway that leads to Bloomfield Drive. A reminder. .. every incident should be reported to the police which helps raise the patrol frequency in the area. You can report one of three ways:

  • Phone 661-5670
  • On line report form.
  • New “chat” service. The service can be used to report crimes, minor crashes, traffic complaints, custody issues, lost property, vandalism and thefts from ­vehicles.
    To access the feature, go to londonpolice.ca and click on “LPS Chat.”

Orchard Park Public School Fundraiser

northern-lightsOrchard Park Public School Paint Night Fundraiser

Date: Thurs Feb 9, 2017
Time: 6:00 – 8:30 pm
Cost: $45 which includes instructor, all materials, light refreshments and $15 will be donated back to the parent council
Location: Orchard Park Public School Gym

Registration: https://gx283.infusionsoft.com/app/manageCart/addProduct?productId=126

No previous painting experience is required, just come, have fun and support Orchard Park Public School! All participants must be at least 14 years of age. The picture to be painted is attached.

New program for Gardeners who want to grow health yards and help native species thrive

Anyone can join in 2017 to access expert advice and track your patch of Carolinian paradise. Get In the Zone with native plant gardening how-to, wildlife tips and local connections. A big celebration is planned at Go Wild Grow Wild 2017. Grow Some Canada with Carolinian Canada wildflowers. InTheZoneGardens.ca

Happy New Year – January News

Sneak Thief in the Neighbourhood

There continues to be reports of someone wandering the area checking if cars parked in driveways are locked or not. If you are a victim of this or any other crime that does not require an immediate police response, either contact the police non-emergency number at 519-661-5670 or submit an on line report at

By reporting the crime, the information is entered into the police database and if there are regular reports of problems, patrol beats are shifted and increased.

Medway Moments Film

Join us at the Sherwood Branch Library on Tuesday January 17th at 7 pm as we travel along Medway Creek with filmmaker Phil McLeod in his latest film, Medway Moments. Phil takes us through the seasons along Medway Creek and introduces us to the people who are restoring the Creek’s health. In partnership with your neighbourhood association, Orchard Park/Sherwood Forest Ratepayers. Admission is free

Nature in the City

If you are interested in nature, this free speaker series is for you. Click here for dates and times. The series begins on Tuesday, January 17 with Paul Nicholson, birding columnist for the Free Press, speaking on “WARNING: Winter bird watching may cause you to embrace the cold.” Talks are 7:00 – 8:30 at the Wolf Performance Hall, Central Library. Families are welcome, and admission is free.

Stop and Scoop Please

Another reminder to dog owners to please stop and scoop. Some residents have said that it has been a noticeable issue, particularly in the area around Heathcote and Leyton, but also in the Valley and other parts of the neighbourhood. Please be considerate to others.

Coming in 2017

2017 will be a busy year with two items of note. The City will be holding an information session in the new year with its preferred option for alleviating traffic congestion at Sarnia and Western. We will let you know the date and time of that meeting.

The City will also be starting up the second phase of the Master Plan for the part of the Medway Valley Environmentally Significant Area from Fanshawe Park Road down to our neighbourhood. It should be interesting. Stay tuned for details.

Speaking of the Medway, you may have noticed damage and vandalism to signs in the Valley. If you do notice anything suspicious, please contact police. Official trails are marked with yellow “blazes” on posts and trees. Please stay on marked trails and respect the closed trail signs. The marked trails avoid sensitive features and plants and areas where erosion has made walking hazardous.

November News

Road work

Work on Sarnia and on Wonderland is wrapping up according to the City by next week. Work on Western/Wharncliffe is starting up. A contractor will be working on Wharncliffe Rd N. at the tracks (North of Oxford St.) closing one lane on and off flagging tomorrow Weds, Nov 16th for the day with work being done for London Hydro. The contractor will also be restricting the lanes to one lane in each direction starting next week.

Works ($6 M worth) are planned for 2018 for Sarnia and Western. What form this will take has yet to be determined. There will be a public meeting in the area in early 2017 where the city will reveal its preferred option for the intersection.
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Large canine reported in the Valley

There has been a large canine in the Valley:

We were hiking in the woods (mid-day) with our dog and headed up toward the deeper clearing (field), at the far side, behind the monastery. We made our through a narrow path in the field where there was notable compressions in the grass from where deer had been lying in great numbers. As we approached halfway through the field toward the monastery, we looked to our left and about 4 meters from us was very large canine animal. It stopped in its tracks and we locked eyes with the animal. I clapped my hands as loudly as I could and it retreated back about 20meters. We were both very startled and watched the animal to ensure it didn’t follow us. It watched us very closely from that distance until we lost sight of it. This animal was not a coyote; it was well over 100-150lbs, bigger than Rottweiler or Sheppard I have seen, and had a wide skull. Upon researching the internet I came across at least 3 other wolf sightings in the North West area in recent time. It is our belief, after looking at pictures online as well, that the animal we observed was in fact a wolf or perhaps a very large coywolf. We think it’s important that we share this information with the community as the trail is often very busy and people frequent it with young children and dogs. Please feel free to send this out.

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