Neighborhood News – May 11

Orchard Park Public School Fun Fair and Movie Night – June 7, 7:30 pm

This event will take place in A.L Furanna Park, Lawson and Wychwood. Come out and have some fun.

Medway Valley – Council Resolution

We finally received a copy of the resolution of City Council regarding its decision on the Master Plan for the Medway Valley Heritage Forest Environmentally Significant Area.

That the following actions be taken with respect to the Conservation Master Plan for the Medway Valley Heritage Forest Environmentally Significant Area (South):

a) the Conservation Master Plan (CMP) for the Medway Valley Heritage Forest Environmentally Significant Area (South) (ESA), appended to the staff report dated April 16, 2018, BE REFERRED back to the Civic Administration to report back at a future meeting of the Planning and Environment Committee, after undertaking the following actions:

i) deleting proposed bridge A from the CMP;

ii) deleting the proposed bridge D from the CMP;

iii) undertaking further public consultation with respect to those portions of the CMP that effect changes to the eastern boundary of the ESA, including the use of public streets;

iv) undertaking further consultation with the Accessibility Advisory Committee (ACCAC), the Environmental and Ecological Planning Advisory Committee (EEPAC), the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority and neighbouring First Nations Governments and Organizations with respect to improved trail access and conditions;

v) actions be taken to discourage crossings of the creek at sites A, B, C, D and E, as identified in the CMP;

vi) hardscaped surfaces on the level 2 trails be limited to the greatest extent possible;

b) staff BE DIRECTED to work with our community partners in the implementation of the CMP with regard to external funding opportunities;

c) the members of ACCAC, EEPAC and the Local Advisory Committee and the community BE THANKED for their work in the review and comments on the document;

d) the Civic Administration BE DIRECTED to report back on the following matters with respect to the Medway Valley Heritage Forest Environmentally Significant Area (south) Conservation Master Plan:

i) ways to improve the public consultation process for any Environmentally Significant Areas and Conservation Master Plans; and,

ii) amending the Trails Systems Guidelines to incorporate consultation with neighbouring First Nations, Governments and Organizations at the beginning of the process;

Be Aware

A locked bike was stolen in broad daylight from the bike rack at Orchard Park Public School this week.

BBQ and AGM – Thursday, May 24, starting at 6:00 pm at Orchard Park Public School

Looking forward to summer? Start it off with the neighbourhood BBQ followed by our annual general meeting. There will be burgers and hot dogs, drinks and snacks. This is a rain or shine event as we will have pop up tents. There will be display boards with information about the upcoming development that will be taking place on the former Sherwood Forest School site. City staff will speak at the AGM about how planning for the park will take place. Councillor Squire will give a city hall update and take your questions. Representatives from Western will be in attendance to talk about the university’s open space and car free plans as well as take questions about student rental issues.

There are small lawn signs available to help advertise the event. Contact Sandy Levin if you are willing to take a sign that will be removed on May 25th.

We are looking for people to help, specifically with clean up after the BBQ. If you don’t mind missing part of the AGM or aren’t staying for the AGM, please let the chefs at the BBQ know you are available to help with clean up.

Also, we are looking for pictures and recollections and stories of the neighbourhood. The area was first developed about 60 years ago and we have already started a collection of photos and the original sales brochure for the area. Please send your contributions to and they will be posted to a Google doc we are setting up.

City of London Neighbourhood Decision Making – Now Accepting Ideas until May 22!

City Council has committed $50,000 to support projects to improve neighbourhoods including our area. The deadline for submission is Tuesday, May 22nd.


Medway News and Other Neighbourhood Events

Medway ESA

The draft Medway ESA Conservation Master Plan went to the City’s Planning and Environment Committee of Council for review on Monday. After 11:30 pm Monday night, this ended in a 3-3 tie vote. Councillor Park moved a motion to remove the bridge in our area, and got support from Hopkins and Turner (our Councillor, Phil Squire, is not on this Committee, and was therefore not eligible to vote, but he is certainly opposed to the bridges). The motion to remove the bridge was opposed by the Mayor, Councillors Helmer and Cassidy.
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Lots of Neighbourhood News…

Medway Valley Heritage Forest Environmentally Significant Area

The final report and background material for the Medway ESA Conservation Master Plan Review can be found at

There is a proposal for two new, likely large, bridges across the Medway including one adjacent to the “beach” in our area. (On the maps in the report, they are called “trail linkages”). This is a significant change to this Environmentally Significant Area and to our neighbourhood.

There has been an off and on effort from the City to bridge the Creek for the last 20 years. Each time our community has been outspoken with our concerns about the negative impacts on the natural environment increased use will cause. As you will note in the report and on the maps, there are large areas of habitat and examples of species at risk that are already stressed.
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Medway Valley, safety tips, AGM/BBQ

Medway Valley Heritage ESA Becoming More Like A Park?

The full plan and background on changes to the Medway including two new “trail connections” (i.e., bridges) can be found on the City’s web site at:
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Mid-March News

Robin Hood Day in Sherwood Forest (Library) – March 17th, 10:00-5:00

Come celebrate all things Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest!

There will be activities for all ages all day long including archery, music, history presentations, and refreshments.

From Councillor Squire – Ward Meeting, Monday, March 19th

Just to give everyone a quick heads up, I will be having my final ward meeting of this term of Council on Monday March 19 from 7-9 pm at Kings College in the Dante Lenardon Hall. There will be 2 topics on the agenda, the first being community safety. We will have a police officer there to answer any questions about neighbourhood safety and in particular break-ins. The other topic will be BRT and how it is being proposed in Ward 6. I will be updating you on the plan that will be going to Council for approval on April 9. I will also have a guest speaker, Frank Moretti who is a transportation policy analyst and can comment on different transit plans in North America and future trends. I hope people will come out to give me input on these two topics. It is really important that people be there and show interest.

Phil Squire, City Councillor, Ward 6

Bus Rapid Transit

If you did not get to the open house on what the City is planning, you can have a look at the information presented by going to:

Sherwood Forest School Site, New Housing and Park

The process is moving along. We understand from the developer that he will have an information meeting sometime in April. There will be a sign on the site with date, time and location as well as information on our website.

There will be a separate city led process with us and the City Parks Planning staff for the park design and amenities. The park is to be developed in 2019. The developer will be constructing the path that will link Finsbury and Wychwood.

Medway Valley Heritage Forest Environmentally Significant Area

The public participation meeting on the proposed two bridges to be built across the Medway, including one in our area of the Valley, will take place at City Hall on April 16th. We will update you when we find out the time and when the final report is posted. If you wish to submit your opinion in writing for the meeting agenda, write to noting that you wish your communication to appear on the agenda. It should be addressed to Chair and Members, Planning and Environment Committee. At the meeting, anyone may speak without pre-registering. You will have up to 5 minutes to speak.

Aurelia House, the New Addition to the Monastery

If you have been along Ramsay Road, you have seen the work being done to add an addition to the Precious Blood Monastery. The Sisters will welcome the community for an Open House soon.

Casino Survey Online

Further to City Council’s resolution on the municipal requirements to be satisfied for a proposed expansion of a gaming site in London, the city has launched the online survey which can be accessed at the following link: