City makes offer on Sherwood Forest School site

The city of London has made an offer to purchase the Sherwood Forest School site. The offer is conditional on the site being rezoned within 120 days for parkland and for housing.

120 days is a short timeline for a rezoning process. As part of the process, there will be a community workshop held in April (date, time and location to be determined). All households in Orchard Park/Sherwood Forest will receive a notice in the mail from the city with the particulars.

The workshop will provide some background but focus on getting us to tell city staff what we are looking for in park usage and housing on the site.

City staff will use the information gathered from the April workshop, and come back to the community with more detail at a second community meeting. The goal is to have a rezoning application ready to be presented at a public participation meeting before City Council’s Planning Committee before the 120 period expires. The city would then acquire the site and find a developer/builder to implement what comes out of the process.

This is an exciting pilot project for the city and for our community. Hopefully you can attend the workshops.

If you have questions, please contact Sandy Levin.


January Flyer

Here is a flyer with information on the upcoming community meeting

Date: Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Time: 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Place: Orchard Park Public School Gymnasium

Among the agenda items for the meeting, Councillor Nancy Branscombe and the Sherwood Forest School site committee will provide an update on the future of the Sherwood Forest School site.

OPSFR Jan 2014

January News

Community Meeting – Wed, Jan 29

The next community meeting will be on Wednesday, January 29th starting at 7:00 pm in the Orchard Park Public School gym. There will be coffee (supplied by Councillor Branscombe) and treats. Councillor Branscombe and the Sherwood Forest School site committee hope to bring you an update on the future of the school site. Also, city staff will provide an update on the proposed secondary suite (“Granny Suite”) by-law. City staff will also update us on its Adopt an ESA program program. Volunteers from the community will be invited to participate. The other item of business will be a summary of the city’s presentation on the Medway Valley Conservation Master Plan. Please contact Sandy Levin if there are other matters you feel should come before the community at this meeting.

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December News

Many items in the news —


A Community meeting will be held in late January to update you on the Sherwood Forest School Site and the Medway Valley Environmentally Significant Area Conservation Master Plan. Look for an e-mail and flyer in your mailbox early in January


The Executive and School Site Committee have continued working to see if there is a way to retain at least some park land at the Sherwood Forest School site. The deadline for the public bodies, including the City and the other school boards, to make an offer to the Thames Valley District School Board is December 22. If no offers are received, the TVDSB then has a process to solicit sealed bids for the site. This will occur early in the new year. Any new purchaser at that point would have to apply to the City for a rezoning to the property. However, there would be no requirement for them to retain any green space. There would be a public process for any change in land use. Stay tuned.

ADOPT an ESA (Environmentally Significant Area)

The city has asked for community groups like ours to sponsor an ESA. Naturally for us this would mean the Medway Valley Heritage Forest. The projects suggested would include buckthorn busting, litter clear up (thankfully not a big problem in our area), tree planting (which we have done successfully). The action item is if there is someone in the area who is willing to lead, particularly in ensuring we meet the requirements of the program. Have a look at the program guide.

After you have had a chance to look it over, please let Sandy know if you are interested in taking on the lead in organizing events and reporting back to the city or in helping to form a working group to take this on. The plan is to discuss this program at the upcoming January meeting.


“Orchard Park Through the Ages” was a publication prepared by Orchard Park Public School as a 25th anniversary project about 25 years ago. Dyanne Wheatley is looking for a copy. If you can help her, write her at (

RENTAL LICENSING – an easy way to look up if a house is licensed to have renters

Recently a rental look up became available through the City’s website. It actually includes more than rental information. Click here for the site, but if it does not work just go to the City’s website and key in rental units, then click on PROPERTY INQUIRY SYSTEM and go from there.


WHEN: Wednesday, December 11th from 2 to 3 p.m.
WHERE: Sherwood Library
WHAT: “Christmas Social and Celebration of Holiday Traditions”

Please join us to share. We plan to share some readings, holiday trivia, music and good cheer.

This event is free with no registration required. Bring a friend! For more information, call 519-473-9965.


The Planning Act, through changes made by Bill 140 Strong Communities through Affordable Housing Act, 2011, requires municipalities to update their Official Plan policies and regulations related to secondary dwelling units.

The City of London Official Plan currently provides for secondary dwelling units within single and semi-detached dwellings subject to conditions. Now with changes made by Strong Communities through Affordable Housing Act, 2011, the Official Plan must include polices for secondary dwelling units as-of-right within townhouse and accessory structures in addition to single and semi-detached dwellings.

City Staff proposed our area as one of the Great Near Campus Neighbourhoods, be excluded as it is contrary to the effort to halt the proliferation of rental properties. This is because there is no easy way to police if a granny suite is for a family member or just a rental unit. However, Council referred this matter back to staff for further consultation. Sandy has been in touch with the city’s planning staff to arrange a meeting for the Executive prior to staff reporting back to City Council.

You can find the staff report as item #14 at this link:


In the recently tabled City 10-year capital plan, city staff are now estimating budget approval for this project in 2020.

Community Update

Project Learn Meeting – Student Housing

Please attend and be heard on Wednesday, November 13th from 7 to 10 PM at City Hall in Council Chambers, at a Public Meeting which is being held to solicit the views of various community members around the issues of policing and managing disruptive behaviours around the University and Fanshawe.

Over the last several years, a police program called Project Learn seems to be having positive impacts on improving the quality of harmony between short term and long term residents while managing problems on a more real-time basis

However, the recent police actions of going door to door and taking contact information has generated controversy. Hence, this upcoming meeting.

Please Keep those Catch Basins Clear

With the frost, many leaves have fallen and catch basins can get covered and blocked. With heavy rains, run off has nowhere to go causing flooding in the street or worse. Please take the time to keep the catch basins near your home clear.

Sherwood Forest School Grafitti

Residents have noticed graffiti popping up at the Sherwood Forest School site. The Thames Valley School Board has been notified and has taken quick action to remove it. If you see the graffiti return, please do two things. First notify the non emergency police number. They increase patrols in the area based on call volume. The number is 519-661-5670. The other thing you can do is let Sandy Levin know and he will notify the area supervisor for the school board who will take action to have it removed.