City makes offer on Sherwood Forest School site

The city of London has made an offer to purchase the Sherwood Forest School site. The offer is conditional on the site being rezoned within 120 days for parkland and for housing.

120 days is a short timeline for a rezoning process. As part of the process, there will be a community workshop held in April (date, time and location to be determined). All households in Orchard Park/Sherwood Forest will receive a notice in the mail from the city with the particulars.

The workshop will provide some background but focus on getting us to tell city staff what we are looking for in park usage and housing on the site.

City staff will use the information gathered from the April workshop, and come back to the community with more detail at a second community meeting. The goal is to have a rezoning application ready to be presented at a public participation meeting before City Council’s Planning Committee before the 120 period expires. The city would then acquire the site and find a developer/builder to implement what comes out of the process.

This is an exciting pilot project for the city and for our community. Hopefully you can attend the workshops.

If you have questions, please contact Sandy Levin.


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