Community Update

Project Learn Meeting – Student Housing

Please attend and be heard on Wednesday, November 13th from 7 to 10 PM at City Hall in Council Chambers, at a Public Meeting which is being held to solicit the views of various community members around the issues of policing and managing disruptive behaviours around the University and Fanshawe.

Over the last several years, a police program called Project Learn seems to be having positive impacts on improving the quality of harmony between short term and long term residents while managing problems on a more real-time basis

However, the recent police actions of going door to door and taking contact information has generated controversy. Hence, this upcoming meeting.

Please Keep those Catch Basins Clear

With the frost, many leaves have fallen and catch basins can get covered and blocked. With heavy rains, run off has nowhere to go causing flooding in the street or worse. Please take the time to keep the catch basins near your home clear.

Sherwood Forest School Grafitti

Residents have noticed graffiti popping up at the Sherwood Forest School site. The Thames Valley School Board has been notified and has taken quick action to remove it. If you see the graffiti return, please do two things. First notify the non emergency police number. They increase patrols in the area based on call volume. The number is 519-661-5670. The other thing you can do is let Sandy Levin know and he will notify the area supervisor for the school board who will take action to have it removed.


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