Late July News

Keep an Eye Out

There was a theft from a driveway at the western intersection of Wychwood Park and Longbow this week. Also a male, without ID, solicited a home from charity and then rode off on a bike without stopping at other homes. The police were notified and a report taken. Some thieves are brazen – don’t leave doors open or things out in your driveway. Also, do not hesitate to report unusual activity. The non-emergency number for the police is 519-661-5670

Bus Rapid Transit – a Message from the BRT Team

As you may know, London’s Bus Rapid Transit project is now in a formal 120-day period of public consultation, and the City is continuing to look for input to help fine tune the BRT designs.

There is a consultation event in our area on August 15th, 2018. The BRT team will be at the Sherwood Library, from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. Members of the project team will be on hand to answer questions, take feedback and review the BRT designs.

The BRT project team is committed to a consultative process that gives all Londoners opportunities to participate in person, by phone and online. They have also launched Transit Tuesdays – a series of 10 weekly opportunities to drop in and talk to the BRT team in its office at Central Library. See You can also review materials and provide feedback online or by email to or call 519-930-3518

Development at the Former Sherwood Forest School Site

Here is the current site plan for the housing development on the north side of the site. The other side will remain park and the City will be in touch over the next year to ask us what amenities we would like. The developer’s current plans call for a public meeting before the Planning and Environment Committee of City Council at City Hall, to be held on the afternoon of September 10th. This is still tentative. If approved, it then goes to City Council for its approval the following week. Construction can start after that. The general grades of the land today will generally be the grades of the development. You may notice lot numbers in the area where the parkland is located. That information is from the original subdivision, before the school was built. The land is zoned as Open Space which is the determinate of how the land will be used. It is also owned by the City.

International Student Orientation at Brescia

The Ratepayers Executive has developed a good relationship with the Administration at Brescia University College. One part of their orientation for new international students is a brief tour of the Medway Valley Heritage Forest Environmentally Significant Area. If you are interested in being a small group leader during the tour, contact Sandy Levin. It will take place on August 29th starting with lunch at Brescia, with the tour to begin at 1 pm. The plan is for a short tour of no more than 30 minutes. Also on the 29th will be an opportunity to get more information about Brescia’s current building project and connect with international students. More details to follow.


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