September News

School is Back in Session

With school back in session keep an eye out for little ones on bikes and walking in the AM and PM. One of the many nice things about our neighbourhood is having schools that kids can get to easily.

Medway Master Plan

The timeline for this city project has been revised. The public open house to review the proposed Plan is now scheduled for November 15th. Location and times will be sent along closer to the date. The Plan will be presented before a committee of City Council in December. This will likely be a public participation meeting where anyone can speak.

Here are three maps that show most of what is being proposed. This was presented in the draft plan that is on the community web site and also on the City’s web site at

Although the bulk of the document is about restoration and renaturalization of the ESA, most of the discussion at the Local Advisory Committee (LAC), where we are represented by Prof Greg Thorn (I represent our Adopt an ESA Group), has been on trails and trail connections.

The first of the maps (labelled Figure 5), shows a high level view of all of the concepts for trail connections of the formal trails in the Medway. It is unclear at this time what will happen to the so- called informal trails that exist, some of which cross areas of ground water seepage and steep slopes.

In our area of the Valley, there is a concept presented for a crossing of the Creek at D on the first map. At present, this would be part of the City’s long term plan and not implemented in the immediate future. Sandy spoke to this crossing (which is about 12.5 m or about 3-4 times as wide as the crossing of Rollingwood Creek where the small bridge is located) at the last LAC meeting. His opinion is that we should be concerned about this crossing because the area on the other side of the Creek is a significant area of habitat of sensitive species (see map labelled 5d) and is very close to private property. An increase in use of the area across the Creek could result in a reduction to the habitat of the sensitive species and widening of trails, something which has happened in our area over the years.

The other proposed change in our area is on the map labelled 5c. The proposal is to reopen the closed section of trail leading to the Snake Creek Valley. This section was closed due to erosion hazards (too bad signage did not indicate that). Part of the proposal is to move the trail away from the top of the bluff to further back. The challenge at this location is trying to change the behaviour of the people who head east towards the Creek. This land is also habitat for sensitive species and leads to private property.

If you have questions or comments, please get them to Greg Thorn and Sandy Levin by September 18th. Sandy is at and Professor Thorn is at

Neighbourhood Decision Making

Starting this month, we will have the opportunity to decide how to spend $50,000 to enhance and strengthen our neighbourhood. The final decision on what projects receive funding will be made by a community vote open to all residents. We have been invited to serve on a steering committee for this City project. The first meeting is the evening of Sept 19th. Sandy can’t make the meeting. If someone else like to attend, please let him know.

New Residents and any Rentals?

A reminder that we have introduced a welcome package for new residents. If you know of anyone who has just moved into the neighbourhood, please let Beth Gibson ( know.

Also, if you notice any new rentals popping up, please let Sandy know. He can check the City’s Property Inquiry System to see if they are properly licensed and ensure that by-law enforcement knows if they are not. The licensing system ensures that tenants are living in a place that meets fire codes.

Fall Leaves

Just a reminder to keep the catch basin around your house clear of leaves and other debris. This helps to reduce street flooding when we get heavy rains.

London Police Services Consultation

We are invited to participate in a consultation meeting, which is being arranged specifically for Business and Neighbourhood groups/associations. The purpose of this meeting is for the police to consult with its community partners in preparation of a new Business Plan (2019-2021). Would anyone like to go to this session on behalf of the neighbourhood?

London Police Service (LPS) Consultation – Business and Neighbourhood Associations
Tues. October 17 @ 7 p.m.
LPS Headquarters, 601 Dundas Street (Community Meeting Room)

In addition, there are community consultations that are open to the general public. The Community Consultations are open to all citizens. The focus of the meetings will be on police service delivery in the following areas:

Crime Prevention, Law Enforcement, Victims’ Assistance, Public Order Maintenance, and Emergency Response

Sessions are being held on:

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017 (1 p.m.) London Police Service Headquarters 601 Dundas Street (Classrooms)
Wednesday, October 25th, 2017 (7 p.m.) London Police Service Headquarters 601 Dundas Street (Classrooms)
Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 (7 p.m.) H.B. Beal Secondary School 525 Dundas Street (Auditorium)

Please confirm dates and locations by visiting

The London Police Service is committed to meeting the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. To inquire about accessibility for individuals with disabilities, contact: London Police Service Corporate Services Division Phone: 519-661-5998 or Email


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