2016 Watermain Cleaning and Structural Lining Project

The City of London has awarded a contract for the 2016 Structural Lining Program. The program will include the cleaning and structural lining of existing watermains in the Sherwood Forest area including restoration of roadways, curb and gutters, sidewalks, driveways, and boulevards that are disturbed during construction.

The work will be separated into three phases, the second phase as identified on the map below will include the following streets:

Doncaster Avenue, Doncaster Gate, Doncaster Place, Linksgate Road, Scarleft Avenue, Abbey Rise, Foxchapel Road, Longbow Place, Longbow Road, Wychwood Place, Wychwood Court and Wychwood Park from Lawson Road to Friars Way.

map - Sherwood Phase 2

The work is scheduled to begin around the beginning of May 2016 and expected to be complete in August 2016.

This homeowner letter is being mailed out and should be received shortly.

For information on this and other City construction projects, please see www.london.ca/roadreport

If you want to know if there will be work on your lawn as part of this project, contact Dave Chromczak, Water Engineering Technologist, Water Engineering Division. He is the City’s representative for the project and can be contacted at (519) 661-2500 ext. 8439.


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