November News

Secondary Dwelling Units

As you may have read in the Free Press, the matter of secondary dwelling units is to be debated at the City Council’s Planning and Environment Committee on Thursday, November 26. Here is a summary of the key issues of the proposal that relate to our neighbourhood. You can find the full staff report to Committee at:

Secondary Units are one bedroom units, either a separate unit in a home or a “garden suite” on the lot separate from the house (to a maximum of 5 bedrooms on a property). At present it is unknown how many such units exist as they are not a permitted use under the City’s zoning by laws. (This change is being mandated by the Province). City staff are proposing only owner occupied properties be allowed to have secondary units and that there be no new units “as of right” in the Near Campus area. However, units can still be created through either a minor variance or rezoning application.

If you want to provide comment to the Committee, please direct your comments to Chair and Members of Planning and Environment Committee, care of with a note that you want it included on the added agenda for the November 26th meeting.

Sarnia and Western Road Intersection Study – Next Public Meeting

City staff have advised that the second public meeting on the assessment of the options for improving traffic flows at this intersection will not be held until the New Year, probably sometime between mid-January and mid-February. You can find background information at:

Former Sherwood Forest School Site

This project is on the City’s work plan for 2016-2017. At present the RFP to builders for the portion of the site slated to development has not been issued but will be sometime in the new year. Councillor Squire is working on our behalf to include funds in the City’s four year budget for amenities on the park portion of the site. The City budget will be tabled next month or early in the new year.


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