December News

SNOW ANGELS – because it will snow this winter!

Snow Angels London is the result of an idea to help people help each other out. Snow Angels London is an experiment in kindness: a way for Londoners to request assistance shovelling or to find others in need of such assistance. Whichever category you may fit, Snow Angels London will serve your needs. The website allows you to find other Snow Angels – in a simple tool that will allow people to register and find others near them – both people who need assistance AND others near them that are willing to help. This website was brought to fruition by the hard work and kindred spirits of Simalam, who truly are the ones who deserve all the credit.

Sherwood Forest Park Site and Future Development

The City’s work plan calls for issuing early in 2016 the request for proposals for the development of housing on part of the former school site. Once issued, the information in it is public and we will share it with you.

Once the contract is awarded, the successful bidder will (hopefully) work with the community to develop the proposal. Before any building can take place, the detailed site plan is required to be reviewed at a public meeting of City Council’s Planning and Environment Committee. This committee is currently chaired by our representative on Council, Phil Squire.

The City budget will be tabled in January and we will let you know if budget has been provided for park amenities.

Keep an Eye Out

We’ve receive a report of vandalized Christmas lights. Please keep an eye out for anything unusual.

Great Near Campus Neighbourhoods

The GNCN report was presented at a recent meeting of the City’s Planning and Environment Committee. We will let you know the date of the Phase Two meeting as this process unfolds. As you may have read, the matter of secondary suites (turning a single family house into a duplex) in our area has been referred to the process outlined in the report. Please consider attending the next meeting.

Stay in Touch

Please feel free to share this information with others in the neighbourhood.

Happy Holidays!


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