Medway North Trailing Planning

The City of London is currently reviewing pathway and trail opportunities though the Medway Valley Heritage Forest as part of a City-wide project to document best practices for the planning and design of trails in Environmentally Significant Areas.

The time line for this project is as follows

  • November 7, 2012 – Public meeting to present trail options evaluation process and selection of the most preferred options.
  • December 7, 2012 – The Public is invited to provide comment until this date. See below for contact information.
  • December –January 2013 – preparation of the draft Trail Master Plan by city staff
  • January 17 2013 – City to post the draft Trail Master Plan on the city’s website
  • March/April 2013 – Final Trail Master Plan presented at a public participation meeting at the Planning and Environment Committee

The city’s web site for the Medway Valley Heritage Forest Trail Planning Project has much information, but it is not well organized, so here are some suggestions.

On that page, under the Process heading, you will find environmental social evaluation breakdown. This is a 12 page document prepared by the city’s ecologist to rate the various trail options.

Next to it you will also find complete evaluation matrix which shows you how the evaluation was applied to the various trail options. The outcome of this evaluation came up with two options, available here.

To find all of the trail options, you will have to scroll further down the city’s web page under the Timeline heading where it says Trail Options by the Dec 7, 2011 date. This is a large file to download so be prepared!

You can provide comments to the city Ecologist, Bonnie Bergsma at


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