Update on Sherwood Forest School Site

The Board is still planning to close the school at the end of this school year (June 2013), even without the planned renovations at Orchard Park P.S. being complete. 

The members of the school site committee have explored a number of options and want to present to the community early in 2013 with a recommendation.  A number of options have been explored.  As per the direction from the community meeting held earlier this year, the group investigated ways to acquire the site.  We have yet to hear back from the city about charging a local improvement assessment to properties to pay for the city to buy the site.  This is why we have not held information sessions on how this would work. 

 We have heard from a number of private schools that are interested in the building and the green space.  However, the Thames Valley Board has told us they will not vary from the legislated process which is to offer the site through a sealed bid process if none of the designated bodies (Western, the city, the other school boards, Fanshawe) offer to buy it.  The only likely buyer could be the French Public Board.  Although, this Board will likely have another school in London, they have told representatives of the neighbourhood that it is more interested in a site in the south end of the city. 

 The school site group is investigating how residents might participate in the seal bid process.  The group hopes to present a recommendation to the community early in 2013. 

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sandy Levin at s.levin@sympatico.ca or at 472-9576.


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