Students return to Western


September 3, 7 pm, Opening ceremonies, Talbot “Bowl”
September 5, 7 to 10 pm, Rally and musical performances
September 6, 9 pm, Charity Carnival and Midway
Sept 8th, 7 pm to 11 pm, Concert in Talbot Bowl

Huron University College is also having a smaller musical performance on the 8th.

If the noise level is excessive and the events go beyond the scheduled time, call Campus Police at 519-661-3300. If you also let Sandy Levin know, he can pass the information along to the staff at Western who work with the Students’ Council in planning orientation.


The Housing Mediation Service at Western is a good source to contact right away if there are problems with new neighbours who are students. The phone number is 519-661-3787 or you can contact the office at


Western has installed a city-first emergency weather siren on the roof of Alumni Hall. This emergency siren system will ensure students; staff, faculty and members of the surrounding community receive the earliest possible warning in case of an imminent weather emergency.

The siren’s emergency notification will be audible across campus and the immediate surrounding community. (How far into Orchard Park/Sherwood Forest is not known at this time. I guess we will find out!) The emergency weather siren will be tested between two to four times per year. Each test should not last more than five minutes. The sirens will be tested on Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012 around 12:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. In the case of a real weather emergency, when the siren is activated it means individuals must take immediate personal action and seek shelter. For more information please visit

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ashley Conyngham, Community Relations Specialist 659-661-2111, 85467


A large crane has been installed behind Ursuline Hall. The road behind that building will be closed for a while, temporarily cutting off access through the Brescia campus.

New walkway from lower parking lot to St. James: This new sidewalk is well underway and the majority of the work will be complete by the end of the month, with the handrail to be installed later. A minor impact will be the loss of several parking spots while this is being completed. Brescia asks that pedestrians use the main roadway for access to and from the lower lot and Brescia buildings while this work is being completed.

Upper and lower parking lot construction: Both of these parking lots are now ready for use for the school year.

Residence construction: Work continues to progress well and is on schedule. Masonry wall construction for the 2nd floor south wing is underway, with floor planks to arrive Aug. 30 & 31. Masonry wall construction for the 3rd floor north and west wings is underway, with floor planks to arrive Sept. 6 & 7. Mechanical and electrical rough-in work continues. Metal stud wall construction is underway on the 2nd floor north and west wings.

Marché construction
: The Marché footings and foundation walls have been completed and backfilling will be finished by August 31. Steel erection is scheduled to start in late September.


Here are the events scheduled for the stadium at Western.

– Sat Sep 1 – Beefeater Football 1pm
– Sat Sep 8 – Mustang Football vs Toronto 1pm
– Sun Sep 9 – Jr Mustang Football 4pm (2 games)
– Fri Sep 14 – Beefeater Football 8pm
– Sat Sep 17 – Mustang Football vs Ottawa 1pm
– Thur Sep 20 – United Way Football (1 game @ tba)
– Sat Sep 22 – Mustang Football vs Windsor 1pm
– Sat Sep 22 Jr – Mustang Football 6:30pm (2 games)
– Mon Sep 24 – Thur Sep 27 United Way Football (2 games / day 10am&1pm)
– Fri Sep 28 – Beefeater Football 8pm
– Sat Sep 29 – Homecoming Football vs MacMaster 1pm
– Sat Sep 29 – Jr Mustang Football 6:30pm (2 games)

– Sat Oct 13 – Mustang Football vs Laurier 1pm
– Sat Oct 13 – Jr Mustang Football 6:30pm (2 games)
– Sat Oct 27 – Nov 3, 10, 17 Mustang Football Playoffs – tba 1pm
– Thur Nov 8 – High School Football Semi’s noon / 2pm
– Fri Nov 9 – High School Football Semi’s noon / 2pm
– Sat Nov 17 – TBA Thames Valley High School Football 10am-10pm


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