Ash Tree Removal

The city will begin removing the ash trees on city property in our neighbourhood later this month. Below are links to maps of the area showing which trees are to be removed and which have been treated with the insecticide TreeAzin:

Ash Removal – map 1
Ash Removal – map 2
Ash Removal – map 3
Ash Removal – map 4

The map keys are at the bottom of each page. Fortunately for the streetscape of Orchard Park and Sherwood Forest, there are few ash trees in our neighbourhood on public property.

The work plan calls for trees to be removed, stump removal to come shortly after and replanting to take place in the spring of 2013. The city will replant with Carolinian species such as Hackberry and Tulip Trees except under power lines where ornamental trees like Bradford Pear will be planted. Property owners will be notified when crews will be in the area. Unfortunately, requests for specific trees will not be accepted.

If you have an ash tree on your private property, you may wish to have a certified arborist look at it and advise if treatment with TreeAzin would be effective. It is a treatment that is done over a 10 year period, every two years.

There is some additional information at the city’s web site


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