Tree Watering Alert

The City’s Manager of Urban Forestry would like to remind Londoners the tree watering alert remains in effect. Londoners should continue to water all trees until consecutive weeks of adequate rain occur – typically 25 mm per week.

The best way to water a new tree, or one planted within the past five years, is with a slow trickle from your garden hose for 30-60 minutes. Alternatively, you can drill small holes in a 20 litre (5 gallon) bucket. Fill the bucket and place it near the base of the tree and allow it to drain slowly.

When watering larger trees, use a garden hose, and water in a circle around the area that extends from the trunk base to the outermost branches to reach the full root system. Using a lawn sprinkler is a great way to reach the root system. Place a rain gauge within the watering area and stop when 25 mm of rain has collected. Alternatively, you can use a small empty tuna can, and stop watering when it’s filled halfway.


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