Houses used for Student Rentals

One of the concerns raised at the recent Annual General Meeting of the Orchard Park Sherwood Forest Ratepayers was the increase in the number of houses being turned into rental accommodation for students where the owner does not live in the house.

As you may know, there is a rental licensing by law for houses that have been converted to rentals. However, they city may not know that a house has been converted. It then becomes up to neighbours to contact the city. The city will then take action to determine if the house is licensed.

The Ratepayers can take action in one of two ways. The city has offered to review a list provided by the Ratepayers to see if rental houses are licensed and if not, send by law enforcement out to ensure the rules are being followed. If you would like to send the addresses to Sandy Levin at by the end of August, he will provide the list to the city.

Alternatively, if you wish to contact the city directly, you can either e-mail or call the city at

519-930-3515 or

Information on rental licensing can be found at:


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