Town Hall Meeting regarding student rental housing in neighborhoods

Town Hall Meeting – Improving our neighborhoods and protecting the value of our homes

Organized by Don Bartlett and Paul Beechey

King’s University College – Labatt Hall
SW corner of Waterloo St. & Epworth Ave.

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012
6:30 pm – Registration
7:00 – 8:30pm – Presentation & Discussion

Meeting Objectives:

Review the history of Mr. Justice Howden’s decision, (Aug 2008) declaring amongst other things that a maximum of 3 unrelated persons can live in a Z-1 (Single Housekeeping Unit) house – for Oshawa – on named addresses near the campuses of Durham College, The Ontario Institute of Technology and Trent University (Oshawa Campus).

Seek a legal opinion from Goodmans LLP (Toronto) to determine if Howden’s decision applies to London’s student housing, and if yes, to what degree?

Determine who will support this initiative. This initiative cannot advance without financial support from the individuals in neighbourhoods that surround UWO & Fanshawe.

Future If Howden’s decision can be applied to London, do we need to litigate – or can London limit absentee-landlord rentals, bedrooms per house, de-intensify by returning Z-1 houses to their purpose – without litigation?

A flyer for this meeting is available

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