Sewer Operations – Doncaster Gate

You may have seen the white paint marks near the western entrance to the Medway Valley near Whiteacres Drive, behind Doncaster.  Sewer Operations from the city need to access the existing storm outlet located on the south side of the pedestrian trail between Gainsborough Road and Doncaster Gate.  They need to clear out the tree trunks other debris (including a set of wooden stairs!!) from the storm sewer and to provide access for routine ongoing maintenance.  They will do so by creating a granular path from the trail to the sewer inlet on the south side of the trail to allow for equipment to safely get to the outlet.

There will be two trees removed – a maple and a buckthorn.  They will also be installing a new concrete curb and curb inlet catch basin at the Doncaster side that outlets on the south side of the trail.  There will also be curb work at the entrance near Whiteacres to control run off.

The existing trail linking Gainsborough to Doncaster will be restored by Operations to a granular surface that provides Operations access to these outlets.  These changes should reduce erosion of the trail surface from water run off.   No trees will be removed although some smaller shrubs will likely be removed in the process.   The work is scheduled to begin Monday May 7.

There will be no work occurring on the outlet north of this corridor (within the Environmentally Significant Area).

Any questions regarding this work should be directed to the manager of sewer operations, Bill Watson.  His contact information is:

Ph. 519-661-2500 x 5786
Cell: 519-639-4044


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