Brescia update

After much discussion between city staff, Brescia and the neighbours, Brescia has submitted a revised application for the land it owns on the west side of Brescia Lane. While the entire property will be designated Regional Facility, only the “top” portion, including the existing buildings, will be zoned Regional Facility allowing for a variety of uses. Initially, Brescia will be relocating the nearby parking lot to this site. This is all part of Brescia’s new residence and dining pavillion construction which will begin this spring. The zoning on the lower part of the property towards Sarnia Road will remain as R1-10 which is similar to the other properties to the west. Any future changes to the zoning will require a separate application and public process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sandy Levin at 519-472-9576 or

The formal acknowledgement of the application revision to satisfy the agreement made with the ratepayers is available here.


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