May News

Ratepayer AGM and Community BBQ

Our AGM and second annual community BBQ will be held on Thursday, May 26 starting at 6 pm at Orchard Park Public School. We had a great turnout last year and great weather. This year’s event is supported by a SPARKS! grant from the City of London. Flyers will be distributed shortly door to door, posted on the community mailboxes in the area, and information will be posted on the web site.
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Update on Sarnia Road Widening

Information on the Sarnia Road Widening project from the City –

Tree Removal and Trimming: Localized tree removal and trimming as required will be undertaken in March of 2016. New tree planting will occur in the final stages of the project.

Traffic Staging: Due to the size and scope of the improvements, construction is anticipated to begin in March 2016, and is expected to be substantially completed by November 2016 with minor works and surface asphalt being placed in the following year (2017). Two lanes of traffic will be maintained throughout the duration of the construction project. Some work at intersections or at service crossing points may require weekend work, night work, consecutive shifts and the use of police services to control traffic.

Every effort is being made to ensure Londoners are aware of construction zones and traffic detours resulting from road work. Daily updates are provided through the City’s website, with information about road closures, ongoing and upcoming projects on city streets.

January News

Medway Valley Heritage Forest ESA

The Metamora Staircase in the Medway Valley Heritage Forest Environmentally Significant Area (ESA) has reached its end of life. (Funding for its construction was a ratepayer project in the 90s). The City has formed a Trails Focus Group (TFG). Sandy Levin is participating in the group as part of our Adopt An ESA group. At the second TFG meeting in February City Staff will bring the staircase forward for discussion including any issues around funding, and the sensitivity of the slope and the natural features of the area. City staff and Upper Thames River Conservation Authority staff (who manage the Forest under contract with the City), will make a site visit this month and post some signs for a temporary trail closure at this location. Councillor Squire is aware of this issue.

Sarnia and Western Road Intersection

The City is still evaluating options for this intersection and in discussions with Western University.
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November News

Secondary Dwelling Units

As you may have read in the Free Press, the matter of secondary dwelling units is to be debated at the City Council’s Planning and Environment Committee on Thursday, November 26. Here is a summary of the key issues of the proposal that relate to our neighbourhood. You can find the full staff report to Committee at:
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Sarnia Road widening project update‏

Starting this Monday, October 26, 2015, London Hydro and their subcontractors have scheduled nightly intersection work for the installation and construction of hydro chambers and duct banks in preparation of 2016 Sarnia Road improvement project. All work will take place in the most northern segment of the Wonderland and Sarnia Road intersection.

Hydro will work nightly for approximately 7 to 10 nights from 7:30 PM through 6:30 AM only, while maintaining a minimum of one lane of traffic each way, along Wonderland Road at all times between Sarnia and Lawson Roads. Police officers will be on-duty for traffic control through the intersections at all times during construction. Wonderland Road lanes/traffic will be fully reinstated every morning.

Click here for the information displayed at this week’s open house on the project. For more information, the names and contact information for the people “in the know” are on the last page.