July News

Gypsy Moth Caterpillars
This seems to be a banner year for Gypsy Moths.

A mature Gypsy Moth caterpillar is approximately 6 cm long, and can be identified by the pairs of dots along its back – five pairs of blue dots, followed by six pairs of red dots. The caterpillars feed mainly on deciduous trees and shrubs. Their favourite foods include oak, maple, birch and serviceberry. The young caterpillars will hang from trees on silk threads and be blown long distances by the wind.

Young caterpillars feed throughout the day, but as they mature they come down from the crown of the tree during the heat of the day to seek shade. At this stage, homeowners can trap the caterpillars on the tree trunk. To make a trap, wrap a strip of burlap, approximately 45 cm (17″) wide, around the tree trunk at chest height. Tie a string around the centre of the burlap and fold the upper portion down to form a skirt, with the string acting as a belt. The caterpillars will crawl under the burlap to escape the sun and become trapped. Later in the day, lift the burlap, pick off the caterpillars, and dispose of them.

For more information about them and what you might do, check out:

Sneak thieves are still around

We’ve had a report that a locked car was broken into recently. Please report any incidents like this to the police non emergency number. The police based the frequency of their patrols on incidences.

New neighbour moved in?

A number of houses have been up for sale in the area including on Longbow, Wychwood, Gretna Green, Finsbury and Leyton Cres. If you notice someone moving in, please notify Sandy Levin. We have a welcome package for them. Given the current COVID-19 situation, delivery of welcome packages will be delayed.

Thanking our Essential Workers

A group of residents have been out every day at 7:30 pm on Lawson Road (and other streets) making some noise for our essential workers. They have been at this since March – over 100 days! Way to go!


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