Medway Valley, safety tips, AGM/BBQ

Medway Valley Heritage ESA Becoming More Like A Park?

The full plan and background on changes to the Medway including two new “trail connections” (i.e., bridges) can be found on the City’s web site at:

The map showing the proposed bridges (A and D in green) and trail changes is attached. Level 2 trails are non-natural surfaces similar to the material used between the end of Gainsborough and Doncaster Gate (technically – firm and stable, 1.5 to 2 m wide made of non-erodible material, e.g. asphalt or granular) making it easier for bikes, strollers and those with disabilities. The ramps to the bridges might be concrete – hard to know. They are more likely to be similar to the bridges north of Fanshawe than to the bridge across the tributary of the Medway below Metamora (see photos at Level 1 trails are unimproved trails. A number of trails are slated to be closed and the trail off Gainsborough Road to Snake Creek is proposed to be reopened.

There are only general high level mentions of the costs of each part of the plan. One can assume the bridges will be the most costly.

All of this will be presented with a staff recommendation at a meeting of a City Council committee on April 16th at City Hall (time to be announced – it will not be earlier than 4 pm). At the meeting anyone can speak just by raising their hand. You will have up to 5 minutes to speak. You can also or instead, send a letter with your point of view to the Chair and Members of the Planning and Environment Committee at with a copy to Councillor Squire at

The Executive of the Ratepayers is opposed to the two bridges as the increase in use of the area will not only negatively affect sensitive plants species, it will also be quite a dramatic difference to the look and feel of the Valley. We believe this reflects the majority opinion given at various meetings over the years.

Sherwood Forest Development Plans

The company developing the Sherwood Forest school site will be holding a meeting sometime in April to introduce us to the plans and the building schedule. Stay tuned for details.

Car Break-in

There was a car break in during the spring break. Here are some tips to reduce incidents if you don’t park in the garage:

1. Ensure good lighting around house and driveway,
2. Double check every night to make sure vehicles are locked.
3. If you have a commercial vehicle, back it up into the driveway within inches of the garage door so it is impossible to open the back truck tailgate or window.
4. Identification, wallets, passports and other items of value like tools should NEVER be left in vehicles overnight.

There was also a recent house break in attempt. The perpetrators were caught.

Annual General Meeting and BBQ – May 24, 6 pm, Orchard Park Public School

Our annual general meeting will take place at Orchard Park Public School on May 24th. The BBQ will be at 6 pm and the AGM will start no later than 7:30 pm. We are planning to have a short presentation from Western University on its open space plan and its plan to institute a car free campus once the BRT route to the University is built (2022 or so). Councillor Squire will be in attendance to give a City Hall report. A representative from the company developing the new homes at the former Sherwood Forest School site has been invited.


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