ESA, BRT, and BBQ!

Medway Valley Heritage Forest Environmentally Significant Area

City staff are now proposing two bridges in the Valley including one in our area (see the black circles on the map below). The bridges may be similar to those across the Creek north of Fanshawe Park Road as each crossing is roughly 3 times wider than across Rollingwood Creek below Metamora.

The proposal also includes either replacing and extending the boardwalk at the Longbow entrance or using a different surface to provide access to the Valley. The other thick green lines in the attached map are dirt trails that are to be changed to granular, similar to what is used between Doncaster Gate and Gainsborough Road. The black dotted lines are trails to be closed and the black dotted lines outlined in white are to be retained in their current state.

The staff recommendation will go to a public participation meeting in front of a Committee of City Council on April 16th. Further information will be provided when available.

BRT Meetings and Traffic In and Around the University

There are a number of upcoming public open houses where you can talk to staff and the consultants
involved in this project.

The University has plans, at some point in the future, to restrict auto traffic thru campus. This will likely be coordinated with the initiation of BRT service to the University. This is a later phase of the BRT construction as the downtown loop and the east link are to be constructed first.

Hold the Date for our Annual General Meeting and BBQ – Thursday, May 24th

We are already planning for our AGM and BBQ to be held on May 24th starting at 6 pm. We will have Councillor Squire in attendance and likely a representative from the developer who is building at the former Sherwood Forest School site (We will pass along dates for meetings that he plans to hold for the neighborhood in April).

Dreaming About Getting Back Into Your Garden?

Here are some tips from Carolinian Canada for species to plant that are native to our area.

You might also enjoy an event at the Western Fair hosted by Carolinian Canada called Go Wild, GrowWild on Saturday April 7, 2018, 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m, Metroland Media Agriplex, Western Fair


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