Input on Two City Items

The City of London is looking for your input on two matters.

Ranked ballot

The City is exploring the option to use Ranked Choice Voting (a ranked ballot system) for the 2018 Municipal Election.

See the important information provided on the City’s website and then take the survey.

It is important you give feedback on this question either through the survey at this site, or to Councillor Squire (

Despite a city staff report not recommending the ranked ballot, City Council directed staff to seek public input on this question. It would be a significant change to how we vote in the City election.

There is a public participation meeting at city hall on Saturday, April 22 at 11 am on the topic. Anyone can attend to speak to all members of Council on this matter. If you can’t make the meeting, but want your opinion included on the meeting agenda, you can write by 9 AM on April 13th

Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy

In City Council’s Strategic Plan, Strengthening Our Community was identified as one of four areas of focus. Within this area of focus, vibrant, connected and engaged neighbourhoods was identified as an outcome. To achieve that outcome, Council directed staff to “support neighbourhood driven activities and decision making.”

In the summer of 2016, City staff engaged the community and over 4,200 Londoners shared their ideas on how to support neighbourhood driven activities and decision making. The results of this engagement were then shared with a team of resident leaders, who developed a set of draft strategies and actions that will guide the work of City staff and the community.

Please visit the Provide Your Feedback tab on the website to review the strategies and share your thoughts.

There are a number of open houses on this topic between March 28-30, including one at Medway Arena on March 29 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm. Go to the engage London site for other times and locations.There is also an on line survey and comment form. City staff are asking for your comments by March 31.


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