February News

Park Site

At noon on February 21, City Council’s Corporate Services Committee will review the staff report on the Sherwood Forest School site. As you will note, no successful replies were received to the City’s RFP process for the sale of part of the site for housing. City staff are recommending a tender instead.

Medway Valley Heritage Forest

friends_of_medway_creekHere is a newsletter from Friends of Medway Creek.

This is a Conservation Authority lead group of volunteers who are involved in projects along the Creek (there is a map in the newsletter than shows how large a catchment area is involved). There is also a bit of information on the last page about the Master Plan process for our part of the Valley. Professor Greg Thorn, from Western and a resident of our area, will be our community’s representative on what is called the Local Advisory Committee.

Medway Valley Trails

For many years, we have enjoyed the trails in the Medway. However, one trail was actually on private property and signs were posted to let people know this. Please respect private property. Please respect the signage that has been installed. Someone is going out of their way to destroy the signage. Please don’t hesitate to report such actions to the police.

Rapid Transit Plan

Additional information about the next steps in the City’s Rapid Transit Plan will be the subject of a public open house on February 23rd at the Central Library from 5 pm to 8 pm. Councillor Squire is most interested in hearing your thoughts and comments.

As some of you may know, Ward 6 Councillor Phil Squire is on the Rapid Transit Implementation Committee. Two things to really focus on:

  • 1. The section titled Corridor concepts really shows the choice that is faced. Do we fit RT within the present structure or do we widen to accommodate more driving lanes.
  • 2. The tunnel that goes from Victoria Park to Grosvenor Street will be for bus traffic only. It is not proposed to be for cars.

Councillor Squire’s role at this time is to get as much information out to you as I can and get feedback.

Secondary Dwelling Units

The Province has approved London’s new Official Plan – The London Plan. This document guides land use in the city. In the Plan, the Province made some interesting adjustments to the Council’s direction on Secondary Dwelling Units (commonly called “granny suites” but includes a second dwelling unit anywhere on a property including a separate building “out back.”

The ministry’s “modifications” to the city’s position on secondary dwelling units are “substantial,” according to the City’s Chief Planner, John Fleming.

The changes include: Not limiting a secondary dwelling unit to one bedroom, not requiring it be owner-occupied and allowing exterior alterations. The Province also restricted them from Near Campus Neighbourhoods like ours. However, the City Council is considering allowing them. Right now, it is also unclear how they will be licensed. City Council directed city staff to hold a Public Participation meeting before the Planning and Environment Committee at some future date.

Snow Angels Show Neighbours Some Love

It may have been a mild winter so far, but it can still snow. Snow Angels London connects neighbours who need a little help shovelling with those who are able to provide it. It’s all done with an easy to use website – snowangelslondon.ca where residents sign up to find a snow angel or sign up to become a snow angel. An interactive map shows where people are who need the shovelling help. As winter rolls on for another month check out the site and consider sharing the love with your neighbourhood. To sign up, snowangelslondon.ca

Hold May 25 for BBQ and AGM

We are again planning to have a community BBQ before our Annual General Meeting. It will be held May 25th at Orchard Park Public School with the BBQ starting at 6 pm. If you are interested in helping out in the planning or on the day of, please contact Sandy Levin.


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