Medway Valley Staircase

The City is proposing a temporary solution for the Metamore staircase in the Medway Valley.

The Metamora Staircase Proposed Temporary Solution map presents a potential temporary solution to the staircase issue (ahead of Phase 2 of the Conservation Master Plan where the trail will be reviewed for long-term appropriateness). This potential temporary solution would appear to address the majority of the issues identified.

Proposed Temporary Solution - Metamora Staircase Feb 25 2016

This potential temporary solution:

  • Retains and proposes repairs to the very top section of stairs where the grade is the steepest
  • Includes removal of the lower sections of stairs (which cannot be repaired) and instead includes a short section of carefully sited trail realignment including some bench-cuts and handrails
  • Includes repairing and retaining the lookout at the top
  • Will include engaging the UTRCA to review bioengineering methods such as dogwood fascines to potentially enhance slope stability
  • Keeps the existing wooden barrier at the base of the slope and enhancing it to assist in directing folks onto the short section of trail realignment
  • Incorporates the use of temporary trail closure signage (and notice on the City website – link will be shared with when available) likely going up in mid-March.
  • Would include biweekly monitoring of the area by the UTRCA

Work could potentially even proceed this winter if the conditions are favourable.

Note: the small section of proposed trail re-alignment is hand drawn in red ink partly inside the area circled in green on the attached map.

Also available is the summary of the site visit Sandy attended with Councillor Squire along with City staff and staff from the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) who manage the area under contract to the City.

The city is looking for feedback by next week. If you could let Sandy Levin know if you find the idea acceptable or not. There will be further discussion regarding the trails in the Valley as the Conservation Master Plan enters phase 2 this year.


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