September Newsletter

Sarnia and Western Road

No date has been set for the second public meeting on the city’s review of this intersection to improve traffic flows. Notice will be sent to residents as far west as Sleightholme.

New Traffic Laws

In addition to new fines for distracted driving, the province has put into effect a new law requiring motorists to wait until pedestrians have completely cleared the intersection before turning. Needless to say, this will cause more slowdowns around the University.

Medway Valley Walk

Nature London is hosting a nature walk in the Valley on Sunday, October 4 at 1:30 pm. Meet the leader at Longbow and Wychwood. Learn more about our amazing Environmentally Significant Area.

We haven’t heard when next steps will take place for the City’s work on the Conservation Master Plan for the Valley. In the meantime, an anonymous donor has stepped up to pay for the eradication of invasive periwinkle from the valley behind the houses at the top of Bloomfield Drive.

Sherwood Forest Park

The school buildings have been removed and the site will be hydroseeded soon. We are awaiting the city’s four year budget plan to see if anything will be budgeted for park amenities. Councillor Squire will be advocating on our behalf.

Medway Seniors

WHEN: Wednesday, September 9th from 2 to 3 p.m.
WHERE: Sherwood Library
WHAT: “Falls Prevention”

Please join us for an informative presentation by Amy Mak from the Middlesex London Health Unit on easy tips you can use to prevent injury around your home.

The session is free with no registration required. Bring a friend! For more information, call 519-473-9965.


One thought on “September Newsletter

  1. Sandy Levin has just sent out notification from the City that Sarnia Road is scheduled to be widened from Sleightholme to Wonderland next year.

    The price tag for 2016 (some money has already been spent on this project) is $6.5 million dollars. This is just one of a number of road projects around the city.

    The total grant from the City to the LTC per year is about $22 million dollars, and there are some 4 million rides per year on the busses. (Did you know that London has the lowest per capita support for busses in Ontario?)

    Does anyone detect a preference in London for private automobile transport over improving public transport?

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