Overnight Parking and Other Community News

From Councillor Squire re: Extension of Overnight Parking to November 1

Please respond by Monday, August 31 to psquire@london.ca

A proposal will be coming before City Council to extend overnight parking on city streets to November 1.

The seven-week pilot project would evaluate the impact on leaf collection, calculate lost ticket revenue and gauge public reaction. Last year 6,500 tickets were written during that period (after Labour Day weekend to October 31), with a value of $227,000.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Friends of Medway Creek

This is a group under the auspices of the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority with an interest in the entire Medway Creek watershed (of which our part is but a small piece). If you are interested in being part of it, please contact Julie Welker (welkerj@thamesriver.on.ca) at the Upper Thames (519-451-2800 ext. 255). If you do join and wish to share information with our community at large, please let Sandy Levin know. You can learn more about this group at:

Shortcut to Community Website

You can now use opsfrp.ca to quickly go to our community web site.

(Traditionalists can still use https://orchardparksherwoodforestratepayers.ca/)

Interesting Mid-Century Modern Architecture in our Neighbourhood

1137 Western Road – John G. Althouse Building (1966) Designed by London architects Howard L. Hicks and Victor Marsh. Outstanding and unique example of Mid-Century Modern style Stone, concrete, bronze / copper (?); unique round library, large windows, two interior courtyards, cantilevered entry roof; interior features terrazzo flooring, glazed tile, original doors and hardware, decorative railings; main auditorium features original decorative brick walls, theatre classrooms feature Heywood-Wakefield seats

Church of the Transfiguration (1962) Designed by Massey-medal winning London architect Philip Carter Johnson. Outstanding and unique example of regional-influenced Modernist style concrete, metal siding (added later); repeating rows of small pierced windows of coloured cathedral glass along both sides of the building; extraordinary custom-made mosaic doors (now mounted inside the Church to prevent weather-related deterioration); unique pole light fixture; full suite of original church furniture on-site

122 Bloomfield Drive
(circa 1956). Outstanding and unique example of regional-influenced Modernist style. Stone and wood shingle siding, flat roof, large windows, and garage roof-top deck with horizontal railings. It was designed by a California architect and featured in a 1957 home design/decor magazine.


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