Western Road and Sarnia Road / Philip Aziz Avenue Improvements

Last week, the City held the first of two public information sessions on its plans to improve the traffic flows at the Sarnia and Western Road intersection. As an Environmental Assessment, the city is required to examine alternatives, and make recommendations as to the best alternative (a similar process has just been completed for the Wharncliffe and Oxford intersection and the passage under the railroad bridge). You will find the alternatives being considered at this point on the next to last page of the presentation.

springettYou will see that the study is evaluating as one possibility, diverting traffic from the west end of the Springett Parking lot through the neighbourhood to relieve the traffic at the Sarnia/Western Road intersection thru by-passing the intersection. This could also include a new traffic light between Western and Sleightholme. It could also increase cut through traffic from the University to Wonderland. Nothing decided at this point, you should be aware that this process is underway so that you might submit comments (see the last page of the attached which indicates the due date for comments and where to send them). Also under consideration is a double left turn for westbound traffic from Western Road.

There will be a second public meeting in the fall where the consultants will present the preferred option for comment. After this meeting, a report will be written and open for public comment. I will be keeping you up to date on this matter.


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