Neighbourhood Update

Medway Valley
The updated consultant’s report is available for review at the Sherwood Forest branch library.  Just ask at the front desk for its location.  The report is also available on line at:

Click to access Medway%20NHI-Eval-Final%20Report-Public%20Use-Jan2015.pdf

There will be a City staff report to a committee of City Council this winter and shortly after, the Local Advisory Committee will begin to meet.  Stay tuned for updates.  The Valley continues to impress the consultants with its wide variety of species including species at risk, which is unusual for an urban setting.

Super Mailboxes
Where will the new super mailboxes be located?  According to City staff, there will be a report to a Committee of City Council on February 3.  It is likely the Civic Works Committee.  You can get the report on line a few days ahead of the meeting at

The short answer is that it is highly likely that super mailboxes will only be located where there is a sidewalk.  Apparently Canada Post has already started providing the city with proposed locations in various parts of the City that currently have door-to-door delivery.

Another Car Break-in
Another car, this time on Friar’s Way, was riffled through.  Just a reminder to lock your car and if something like this happens, please report it to the police non emergency number, 519-661-5670.  The police do track these events and adjust their patrols accordingly.

City Budget and New Strategic Plan
The City has a couple of web sites where you can comment on the city’s draft budget and on the draft Strategic Plan.  The sites are:

Please consider reviewing and commenting as the new Strategic Plan is to drive the next City budget which is proposed to be a three year budget from 2016-2019.

Londoners invited to apply for new 2015 Community Funding
If someone is interested in leading the charge on one of these projects, the Ratepayer Executive would be happy to discuss going forward with an application.

The City of London is launching a new community grant program called treeMe. This program provides funds to neighbourhood groups to initiate, manage and implement tree planting projects on private property. Applications are also being accepted for the fifth year for the SPARKS! Neighbourhood Matching Fund, a community grant that provides funding to improve and enhance neighbourhoods.  Both matching funds were developed to support neighbourhood-driven projects and encourage residents to develop innovative community projects. Applications will be accepted until February 27, 2015.

Londoners can develop ideas to enhance their neighbourhoods and access up to $5,000 in project matching funds with SPARKS! and up to $30,000 with the treeME fund. Funds are provided through the City of London’s Neighbourhood, Children & Fire Services Area.

The application processes are simple – it all begins with a group of neighbours and an exciting idea! Visit and/or for full details and application forms. Upon approval, the City will supply funding to match the equivalent contributions made by the neighbourhood. Volunteer labour, donated services as well as materials and supplies are all recognized as matched funds.

Last year, 12 projects received SPARKS! funding to support the ideas and dreams of nine London neighbourhoods. Projects included community BBQ celebrations, movie nights in the park, art and cultural festivals, community beautification and naturalization projects. With countless project possibilities, neighbourhoods are encouraged to be creative and have fun inventing projects to “spark” local neighbourhood beautification, celebration, enhance green spaces, arts and culture and community pride.


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