October Update

Sherwood Forest School Site

The rezoning of the Sherwood Forest School site passed City Council last night. The next step is for the city to prepare a Request for Proposal for the sale of the 2/3rds of the site that will be developed for housing in accordance with the zoning by law. We will update you when we hear any further news. We will also need to encourage our new City Councillor to get 7 other members of Council to add money to the 2015 budget for park amenities.


The Ward 6 candidate debate held last week at Cherryhill Mall, will be available to Rogers customers on Cable Channel 13 this Friday at 8 am and Saturday night at 9:30 pm.

Debates are also available online on the Rogers site

The Ward 6 isn’t posted yet (as of Wednesday afternoon), but it should be there soon.

Police Service Business Plan Consultation

The general public is invited to provide input to the London Police Services three year business plan. Click here for more information.

Child and Youth Network Survey

The Child and Youth Network has a survey targeted to users of children services. The purpose of the survey is to obtain feedback on the experiences of London families accessing services for their children. The information you provide will help to make it easier for families in London to access the services they need.

According to the City, we live in the Medway area so you are invited to participate if you have at least one child under the age of 18. The City is hoping you will reply to the survey by the end of this month.

Fall Leaves

When you are out raking, be sure the sewer grates by your house are free of leaves. This helps to avoid flooding.


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