Neighbourhood Update and Reminder

Sherwood Forest School Site Update

The city staff recommendation for the rezoning passed unanimously at the City Council’s Planning and Environment Committee last night. I anticipate it will pass next week at City Council. We will keep you up to date as the process moves forward. The next step will be the City declaring the “non-park” portion surplus and preparing a Request for Proposals for the sale and development of the “housing” portion of the site.

The staff report can be found here.

Reminder – All Candidates’ Meeting for Ward 6

There is a candidates’ meeting at the Cherryhill Mall on Thursday, October 9 at 7 pm. This event will be recorded by Rogers for later re-broadcast. Check Roger’s website for the schedule.


Election Day is October 27th. You should get your voter card this week. If you want or need to vote early, you can vote on Oct 11 or Oct 16 or Oct 18 at the Sherwood Forest branch library from 10 am to 8 pm.

Questions for Candidates

  • The London Plan is London’s new draft land use plan and vision for London 25 years from now. What are two things you like about the London Plan and what two things concern you?
  • How could the availability of low income housing in London be improved?
  • What do you see as ways of improving public transit in London, what are the estimated costs of your ideas, and on what basis do you think your ideas will work if adopted?
  • The new draft Official Plan, the London Plan, calls for affordable housing for all neighbourhoods in London. What impact will this have in your ward?
  • If you are elected, which member of the current council would you turn to for advice and why?
  • (This is a two part question) Do you feel it is important to live in the ward you want to represent? Do you? And if not, why not?
  • What conflicts of interest will you have to declare and why? If none, why not?
  • Over the past 15 years, Londoners have paid millions of dollars in subsidies to private businesses, mostly in the form of development charges. How important have these subsidies been for London?
  • What are the three most important city services to maintain and grow? Explain why you picked these.
  • London’s landfill will be filled in about 10-15 years. The land is there to expand it, but creating the “hole in the ground” will cost over $100 M. What steps should London City Council take to slow the rate at which the landfill is filling up and why?
  • Over the years, many decisions have been made about the city’s natural areas and the river. Some have called for increased use, others, for protection and naturalization. Which way do you lean on this issue and why?
  • When and where before the election will you publish a list of your donors? If not, why not?
  • What are the pros and cons of selling all or part of London Hydro?
  • What idea another city has implemented would you try to introduce in London, and why?
  • Two consecutive council appointed task forces have recommended that the pay a councillor receives not be changed. And each pointed out that the pay is a stipend, not a reflection of hourly work or even a salary. What is your opinion of these conclusions?
  • High quality city services like libraries and recreation programs make for healthy, liveable cities. How would you go about deciding between budgets for these programs versus other needs?
  • As London becomes more multi-cultural and diverse, what changes will Council need to make in how city services are delivered?
  • It takes a majority of Council to pass anything. You only get one vote. What one idea are you going to fight to get passed during your term on City Council?
  • At the end of your time on City Council, how would you like to be remembered at your farewell party?

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