Examples of R6 Zoning

In March 2014, the City Council made an offer to the Thames Valley Board to purchase the Sherwood Forest School site, conditional on the site being rezoned to R6, R1 and Open Space (within 120 days from the offer`s acceptance from the school board – roughly the end of July). This would permit housing and retain some park space.

On May 30, 2014 the City formally applied to change the zoning (File # Z-8334) to include an Open Space (OS) Zone variation which permits City parks, a Residential R1 Zone variation which permits single detached dwellings and a Residential R6 Zone variation which permits cluster housing (including a range of single detached dwellings to fourplex dwellings). For comparison most of Orchard Park and Sherwood Forest is zoned R1-8.

The R6 residential zoning can permit 15 to 35 units per hectare. The present site is 2.2 hectares but the amount available for housing will be smaller as there will be about .65 of a hectare of parkland remaining.

These are some examples of R6 Zoning. (Click on any of the images for a larger view.)

1. The four single family homes (1 built and 3 more planned) for the infill at 570 Windermere Road is R6-2(10)

IMG_1561[1] IMG_1563[1] IMG_1565[1]

2. The homes on Delacourt (the former Lawson Estate) off Gainsborough and Wonderland are R6-2(8)

IMG_1587[1] IMG_1589[1]
IMG_1591[1] IMG_1592[1]

3. The units on the East side of Wonderland, between Fanshawe and Sunningdale are a mix of R5-4 and R6-4

IMG_1568[1] IMG_1569[1]
IMG_1571[1] IMG_1573[1]

4. The newer units on the north side of Gainsborough west of Aldersbrook are a mix of R4-6(6) and R6-5(9)

IMG_1594[1] IMG_1596[1]
IMG_1597[1] IMG_1598[1]

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