ESA Observation

The City of London, in partnership with the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, manages seven different environmentally significant areas (ESAs) in the City, including the Medway Valley. This observation form is provided so that members of the public may record observations arising from time spent in ESAs. The City of London will review the information received and take steps to incorporate your suggestions into our ESA Management efforts, subject to existing policies, approved conservation master plans, budget and environmental considerations. Please respect the natural environment during your visit, beaware of permitted and prohibited activities defined on the signs at the trailhead and stay on the managed trail system.

Please submit comment forms to the City of London Planning, Environmental and Engineering Services Department. Forms can be dropped off in person, or mailed.


One thought on “ESA Observation

  1. There are a lot of dogs allowed by their owners to roam loose in the Medway valley, the leash is taken off. This is an intimidating habit for non-dog walkers and deprives a lot of people of simply enjoying the natural environment.

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