Update on new Brescia residence

We have received from the city a copy of Brescia’s plans for its new residence and dining pavilion. There are three documents: the site plan, a close-up of the site plan, and the comments from the city to date.

The present plan does not call for a change to the use of the treed area on the south side of Ramsay Road. There will be additional parking on the east side of Brescia Lane and next to Brescia’s existing “lower” parking lot towards Western Road. There will be a lighted bike and pedestrian pathway built that will start from the new service entrance off Ramsay Road and wrap around the north side of the Brescia property to link up with Brescia’s driveway on the east side. Pedestrian access straight through the campus will still be possible.

No public meeting before any committee of City Council is required for this project. Any questions should be sent to the following:

Sheila Blagrave
Director of Communications, Marketing and External Relations
519-432-8353 ext. 28293


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