ARC Report

The Draft ARC report has been posted by the Board. It can be found here or at:

The recommendations are found below.

As per Board policy, there is an opportunity for public input to the ARC on its draft report. This meeting will take place on:

March 9, 2011
7:00 PM
University Heights P.S.
27 Ford Crescent

Requests to make a submission to the ARC in response to the Draft Report are to be received by the Assistant to the ARC by February 25th. Please fax the completed form to: 519-452-2485. The form is can be found at:

The rest of the ARC timeline is as follows:

  • by April 06 ARC Report to Director / Posted (within 15 days of March 9th )
  • April 12 ARC Report presented to Board at its regular meeting by ARC Chair
  • April 26 Administrative Response to ARC Report presented to Board at its regular meeting
  • June 14 Public input to Board at its regular meeting
  • June 28 Decision by Board at its regular meeting (no public input permitted)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any member of the ARC. Their names and contact information are listed at:

The ARC Committee recommends:


1. The Board recognize that University Heights is a community and in the best interest of the students and the community that University Heights Public School be JK-8.

2. The Board merge the student populations of Sherwood Forest and Orchard Park Public Schools.

3. In the best interest of the students and community, all three schools remain open as educational facilities and the Board take steps to bolster enrolment. Options should include, but not be limited to, French Immersion, boundary adjustments, holding zones, Adult Education, ESL, full day kindergarten, daycare and special education programs.

4. None of the three properties be declared surplus or disposed of.

5. The Board meet and consult with the City of London and the residents of the affected area, in the context of The City of London’s “Strengthening Neighbourhoods” Strategy, to consider the current and future needs of the community and potential uses of the properties.


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