ARC Final Public Consultation Meeting

The Thames Valley District School Board has issued the following notice regarding the last scheduled public consultation meeting for the ARC for Sherwood Forest Public School.

In addition, the timeline for the ARC has changed. Posting of the draft report will occur in early 2011. Public input on the draft report will follow.

Updates will appear on this site.

* * * * *


Representatives of our communities have been involved in an Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) for several months. This committee has examined information presented by the Thames Valley District School Board, sought out specific information and heard from many community members regarding the three schools involved in the ARC: Sherwood Forest PS, Orchard Park PS and University Heights PS.

The ARC is charged with the responsibility of responding to the recommendation of the Senior Administration of the Thames Valley District School Board. Succinctly, the Senior Administration recommends that Sherwood Forest PS be closed as of June 2013 and declared surplus. The students at Sherwood Forest PS would be consolidated at Orchard Park PS and University Heights, grade 7 & 8 students would remain at University Heights PS. This consolidation results in both Orchard Park and University Heights being organized into the Board’s preferred JK-8 model for September 2013. Full details of the ARC particulars can be found at the following link:

The ARC is inviting comments to the options being considered at one final public consultation meeting at 10 am on Saturday, December 4th, 2010 at Orchard Park PS for those who have not yet addressed the ARC.

Options under consideration are:

OPTION: That the Board defer their decision pending additional consultation with the Community and with the City.

OPTION: All three study area schools remain open 1) Three schools remain open, Sherwood Forest taking JK to 8, Orchard Park grades 7 & 8 and University Heights JK to 6 OR 2) Three Schools remain open with Orchard Park taking JK to 6, Sherwood Forest grades 7 & 8 and University Heights taking JK to 6 OR 3) Keep all three study area schools open and enhance enrolment by boundary and holding zone revisions.

OPTION: That Orchard Park close and that both University Heights and Sherwood Forest be configured to JK to 8 schools.

OPTION: Closing Sherwood Forest and reconfiguring Orchard Park and University Heights into JK to 8 schools with Orchard Park receiving a new gymnasium. It is also considering recommending that the Board not dispose of the Sherwood Forest site pending additional Board consultation with the City and the Communities.

Please note that a formal process exists for members of the public who wish to address the ARC. The ARC Public Consultation Form must be forwarded to the ARC assistant Carol McRae, at least 8 working days prior to the ARC meeting. Therefore they must be received by Carol McRae by 4 pm on Wednesday, November 24th via fax (519-452-2485) or email ( Community members will receive confirmation of the receipt of their public consultation forms and be provided with designated speaking times.

Alternatively, members of the public may forward their input in writing to the ARC via Carol McRae. Please send in your form asap by the deadline, if possible, and no later than 4pm on Friday, November 26th.

Members of the community should also be aware that should any of the schools close and be declared surplus by the Board, it triggers a process to dispose of the property. This could result in the properties being sold for other uses.


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