The modern day story of Orchard Park and Sherwood Forest area of Northwest London began many years ago.

In 1955 developer Bill Davies confirmed plans for a $7.5 million, 500 home development on land in the Brescia Heights area of what was then London Township. Promotional material said that this project “carved out a huge apple orchard” from farms owned by the Sleights, Edwards and Palsers into Orchard Park.

Many of the street names reflect Davies’ interests. Bromleigh is tied to Birmingham, England, where a daughter lived. Wychwood Park echoes the name of the lovely Toronto neighbourhood where he grew up.

Development continued gradually north of Orchard Park, as Sherwood Forest, the site of Dr. Russell Schram’s farm, in three phases 1960, 1963 and 1964.

These and many more details about our community can be found in Orchard Park Through the Ages, a 1983 London Board of Education publication spearheaded by the pupils of Orchard Park Public School to celebrate its 25th anniversary or at Orchard Park/Sherwood Forest documents


One thought on “History

  1. Good day: I’m looking for information about the Whitehills Golf Course
    which Bill Davies developed. The Whitehills community followed Sherwood Forest as part of Bill’s “Northwest Adventure” in community living. Any lead you might possibly have would be appreciated.

    Thanks – Louis Rivard

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