Update on Metamora Storm Sewer / Replacement of Bridge

City staff have advised that the pedestrian bridge construction will be delayed a couple weeks as they wait for some metal fabrication. Once they get the metal components, it won’t take much to finish up. Work on the storm sewer outfall project continues in the meantime. The plan is to reopen the Metamora trail access after slope remediation is concluded.

In the meantime, please don’t take the fencing off the post where it says trail closed.  That section of trail is going to be realigned and closed and revegetated as part of this project due to the erosion on the Creek side of the trail.  Please let nature restore it.

Please also stay on the actual trail when you are in the Valley.  The actual trails are marked with a yellow arrow on trees.  Be a guardian of the Medway, stay on the main trail, follow the yellow arrows.


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