August News

Neighbourhood Decision Making 2019

Neighbourhood Decision Making (NDM) is an opportunity for London residents to democratically decide how to spend a portion of the City’s budget on neighbourhood projects. The project ideas that you come up with and vote for can transform the culture, pulse, and even the physical appearance of our neighbourhood. To learn how NDM works and submit an idea online click here

Paper idea submissions will be accepted at most library locations.

NDM is open to all ages and backgrounds: everyone and anyone is welcome to submit ideas. Voting for NDM will be on Saturday November 9th.

Our neighbourhood has participated in past years and come up just short. Last year, we tried to get the tennis court at Furana Park resurfaced. It is on the list for resurfacing but we are down the list – about 7 years down the list.

If someone wants to take charge of this effort, please come forward. We are happy to spread the word for your ideas.

But remember, this program is very competitive. And it covers not just our neighbourhood, but much of north and west London. It will take more than just this e-mail list to get enough votes for any project idea.

Coyote in the Valley

A resident reported a coyote out and about Friday around 6 am. She was walking three dogs at the time. Just a reminder, prime times for coyotes are around dawn and dusk. And best to keep your dog leashed. If you are threatened, it is a 911 call.

What is a weed?

Here is an interesting read for gardeners.


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