Safety Audit Results

Neighborhood Safety Audit Results

1. Both yields at Rollingwood/Metamora and Rollingwood/Bloomfield will be changed to stop signs. In addition, the Yield at Rollingwood/Sleightholme will be changed to a stop sign. These changes requires a report to City Council for approval so you may not see the signs changed until the fall.

2. Pavement markings (a yellow centre line) will be added to Rollingwood/Metamora to further clarify who has right of way through the intersection.

3. Issues with overnight parking or parking in no parking areas can be sent to or you can call the office at 519-661-4537

4. The hedge concern on Lonsdale has been passed on to by-law enforcement. The part of this hedge closest to the street is actually on city property.

5. Concerns were raised about the sight lines for the Sarnia and Leyton intersection. This will be reviewed by City staff.


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