Changes to Bus Service

The London Transit Commission accepted the staff recommendation to end bus service along Lawson and Wychwood to Sarnia Road beginning in September. The rationale is shown below. You will also note that a final decision on the closest bus route after the change has not been finalized. There will be a meeting to discuss the two options shown in the attached on Feb 19th at the Central Library.

Orchard Park

One of the main objectives of the 2019 service plan is to simplify the network by providing consistent service during all time periods. Currently in the Orchard Park neighbourhood, Route 31 provides service through the neighbourhood along Lawson and Whychwood Monday through Saturday between 6 am and 6 pm. After 6 pm and all day on Sunday the route maintains service along Sarnia and Wonderland.

The routing change during different service periods adds unnecessary confusion to the route and therefore was recommended to have consistent routing through the neighbourhood in the draft 2019 service plan.

The public feedback on the proposed change to extend service into Orchard Park during all operating hours was mixed with residents in the area both opposed and in favour of the change. Many residents also wanted to maintain the same level of service currently provided with service only operating through the neighbourhood until 6 pm.

With the goal of simplifying the system a main objective of the 2019 service plan it was determined that maintaining the current routing through the neighborhood until 6 pm was not a viable option as it would continue to add confusion to the route.

Through further assessment, it is recommended that either Route 9 or 31 (depending on the outcome of the above recommendation) maintain service along Wonderland and Sarnia during all operating periods, no longer providing service through Orchard Park on Wychwood and Lawson east of Wonderland. This will provide the greatest benefit to ridership productivity while having a marginal impact on overall service coverage. The recommended modification will maintain the objective of simplifying the system and provide additional service along the Wonderland and Sarnia corridors.

Routes 9 and 31

Through the public consultation period, concerns were raised with respect to the proposed changes on Routes 9 and 31 through the Whitehills area. The main concerns were related to Route 9 operating along Limberlost and Route 31 operating along Aldersbrook. From the feedback received the majority of residents living along Limberlost indicated they are destined to Western University and conversely the majority of residents living along Aldersbrook indicated they are destined to downtown.

Based on this feedback it is recommended that an additional public consultation session be held to present two possible routing options through the Whitehills area. Option I would present the routing modification as set out in the draft 2019 service plan with Route 9 operating along Limberlost and Blackacres to serve the Wonderland and Fanshawe intersection. Option II would be the alternative routing based on public feedback with Route 31 operating along Limberlost and Blackacres to the Wonderland and Fanshawe intersection and Route 9 operating along Aldersbrook and extended to serve the Hyde Park Power Centre.

Both options will achieve the desired outcome of the routing modifications in the Whitehills area of reducing duplication of the service and simplifying the network. Public consultation is scheduled for February 19, 2019 at Central Library. The outcome of the public consultation sessions and final routing recommendations for this area will be presented to the Commission at the March 2019 meeting.


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