School Site News

Sherwood Forest School Site Development and Park Planning

The developer hopes to have an approval for the site plans for the new housing on the site at Annadale and Wychwood at City Council’s Planning and Environment Committee meeting on December 7th. We will let you know when a date and time are confirmed. It will be an open public meeting and anyone in attendance can speak. Letters can also be submitted to appear on the agenda by writing

City staff are looking at the week of January 28th for an evening meeting in the neighbourhood to hear what park amenities we would like to see in the portion of the site that will be a park. Stay tuned for date and location. City staff have been asked to check with the schools to confirm there are no conflicting school events that week.

Catch Basins

At this time of the year it is important to keep the catch basins near your house clear of leaves so that the water doesn’t flood the street or driveways. The city street sweeping is not frequent enough to do it. So be nice and clear the catch basin.

Snow Angels

Snow Angels London is an experiment in kindness: a way for Londoners to request assistance shoveling or to find others in need of such assistance. It’s a simple tool that will allow people to register and find others near them – both people who need assistance AND those willing to help.

Know a student who needs volunteer hours? (There is a printable tracking sheet for that.) Maybe notice someone who needs assistance lives near someone you know? Reach out to friends, family and neighbours who may be able to step up and help shovel out our city. For some winter can be a cold and lonely time — but we can help change that.

If you know someone who needs the service but does not have a computer, you can register them at the website. Please spread the word.


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