End of July News

Secondary Dwelling Units

At this week’s city Council meeting, the Council decided to permit secondary dwelling units as of right in all areas of the City including the Near Campus area that we are part of. The vote was 8-4 with Councillors Squire and Turner speaking on maintaining the limitation. Councillors Hubert and Morgan also voted to maintain the limitation. Councillors Usher and Zaifman were absent, and Councillor Hopkins had a conflict of interest and could not vote.

Medway Valley

The process continues for a new management and trail plan for the Valley. Sandy Levin is at the table as a representative of the Adopt an ESA Group and Professor Greg Thorn is the Ratepayers’ Association Representative. We were a bit taken aback at the last meeting where at least two bridge crossings of the Medway, including one in our area, seem to be on the table. The advisory group was told that public comments during the Open House and on-line input to the public survey requested a bridge. However, it seemed from the discussion that the comments from those wanting crossings were given more weight in this process than those who were against them. Slides from the latest meeting will be available shortly and will be posted on the web site.

Tree Me Program – Want a new tree on your property?

The city has a program by which neighbourhoods can apply for trees to be planted on private property. The application is due by mid-August. The Executive is thinking of applying on behalf of the neighborhood association but we need a “show of hands” to see which of you are willing to have a tree on your property (which would include some elbow grease on your part for planting and the like). More information is available here:


If you are interested in having a tree on your property, please let Sandy know. We need an answer by August 10th from you!

Sarnia and Western Road

Now that the BRT routing decision has been made by City Council, City staff have been asked for the status of the assessment of the intersection of Sarnia and Western. The work has been stalled while the BRT routing was still under discussion.

Separately, you might have also noticed the new crosswalk on Philip Aziz Drive as you enter the campus. Please take heed.


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