Neighborhood News – the May 2-4 Edition


Hopefully you have received a flyer or seen the signs around the area notifying you about the BBQ starting at 6 pm on Thursday, May 26th at Orchard Park Public School.

Hope you can come.

opsf agm May 2016 mini

Councillor Squire will be in a public meeting with other councillors at City Hall regarding London’s Rapid Transit future starting that day at 4 pm. He plans to come to the School at Council’s dinner break to speak to everyone and answer questions before heading back to City Hall. He has asked to let you know he is also holding a community meeting at King’s College on June 15, starting at 7 pm

Secondary Dwelling Units and our Neighborhood

The City is reviewing its regulations regarding Secondary Dwelling Units (separate living units with kitchen, washroom and maximum one bedroom) in the City. The proposal would permit them in our neighbourhood and other near campus areas provided they are licensed for rental and owner occupied and the total number of bedrooms in the residence is no more than five. The main concern is that a property that is already used for rentals would add a Secondary Dwelling Unit and that at some point, the entire house would be rented out without the owner living there. If you would like to provide the City with your comments as city staff prepare its report to a City Council Committee, please see this file. It is always a good idea to copy your comments to our City Councillor, Phil Squire at

Help the Adopt an ESA Group

We have adopted our section of the Medway Valley and are looking for a few more good people to be part of the group. To get some information go to, or contact Sandy Levin for more information. There is a lot of invasive buckthorn in the Valley and we can “bust” some of it this year.

Dogs and Cats

We were asked to send a note to cat and dog owners. However, only some cat and dog owners. You can skip the next section if you who have a dog and keep it on a leash at all times and pick up after it or if you have an indoor cat.

For Cat Owners

There have been a number of studies that have estimated the number of birds killed by cats each year. Cats are efficient hunters, even when belled. This is the most sensitive part of the year for birds as they migrate through or stop and breed and raise their young. Please consider this:

For Dog Owners

There are people who are not comfortable around dogs, even friendly ones. A leashed dog makes for happy people and friendly dogs. And no one likes stepping in dog poo particularly as we get out and enjoy spring! So please stop and scoop – always.

In the Medway Valley Heritage Forest, we have a gem of an environmentally significant area. There are over 500 plant species, some of which are very unusual and not commonly found elsewhere in Canada. There are a variety of species of unusual animals, particularly reptiles, bats and amphibians. The concern is that off leash dogs disturb the balance between us and the Forest when we or our pets go off trail. For example:

  • Off-leash dogs disturb nesting areas and can damage sensitive wildlife habitat
  • Dogs urinating in wildlife habitats “marks” the territory, which makes it undesirable or uninhabitable to the wildlife living there
  • Dog fur/paws pick up seeds, which can spread invasive plant species
  • Unleashed dogs can chase and injure (or even kill) wildlife

There is also the city has an Animal Control by law that reads in part:

4.11 Animal – running at large

No person shall permit any animal to run at large.

(the rest of the by law can be found at:

Free Trees

On June 12th from about 12:30 to 4:00 PM at Banting Secondary, there will be a free give away of trees from ReForest London’s pop up Tree Depot. There will be 200 trees available to good homes.


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