Sherwood Forest School site update

City staff have provided us with an opportunity (with short turnaround time) to provide ideas for the Request for Proposals (RFP) that will be circulated to builders for the part of the school site that will be used for housing.

Your Executive and School Site Committee have the following DRAFT which will go to City staff at the end of this week (March 13). Your thoughts and ideas would be appreciated. We would also like your opinion on the highest priority criteria as it is unlikely the entire list will make it into the final city document.

Comments and thoughts can be emailed to Sandy Levin. If you would like a copy of the Neighbourhood Character Statement, please let Sandy know.

A public site plan meeting is a requirement of the zoning. As well, the City’s Urban Design Panel will review and comment on the successful bidder’s proposal. All the standard provisions for a development will also apply when final approvals are given such as: work on site, don’t damage adjacent property, stormwater cannot be directed to other properties, etc). We assume the city will have price offered as a criterion.

We have tried to group the proposed criteria as well as adding material from the Council resolution and zoning by law:

Buffering Abutting Properties (more buffering is better)
– Landscape plan, intent is to screen
– A minimum diameter for new trees
– Specify type of tree to be planted
– Distance from existing dwellings (more than min set out in zoning is preferred)

Lighting – maintain existing conditions (direction in Council resolution for lighting that ensures safety while minimizing impacts)
– Directional lighting

Conceptual site plan
– Including elevations
– Context drawings
– Architectural excellence
– Location of super mailbox
– # of units (less than # set out in the zoning is preferred)
– Pedestrian connections to the park

– No chain link (there is direction in Council resolution for decorative material and integrated with the landscaping)Accessible dwellings (e.g. no step entrances, one floor units)

Green Development

Other Zoning Requirements
– If a variance is required, what compensation will be offered for not meeting the existing requirements?

Development Phasing
– fewer phases the better
– Timing of development – if none takes place within 3 yrs of the sale closing, the property reverts back to the City

Show how the proposal is consistent with the Neighbourhood Character Statement
– E.g. no cookie cutter houses
– (Council resolution says – high level of detail on facades and secondary entrances on units facing the park and park facing and street facing facades shall have a high level of architectural detail)

How does the proponent propose to subdivide the property?

Park Enhancements
– Public art
– Benches
– Lighting
– Tree planting
– Play equipment
– Other

The community would like short-listed candidates to present to the community OR the successful proponent to present prior to the final site plan being presented to the City’s Planning and Environment Committee.



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